Readers Annie, Andre, José, SA, Diane, Jonathan, and Eric passed me the word that The Nugget at 21 West Victoria Street has closed. The restaurant opened in July 2015 and was preceded at the address by Arlington Tavern, HobNob Tavern, Epiphany Restaurant & Bar, and Blue Shark Bistro. The Goleta and Summerland locations are open as usual. A message on the window reads: “To all our loyal Nugget customers: It has been our privilege and a pleasure serving you. We want to thank you all for your business and support these past few years. We are very thankful to have such loyal customers. Thanks for all the good times.”

Locavore Kitchen will be replacing The Nugget in late May. “We will be serving rustic, elegant California cuisine, farm to table, and dock to dish, ” says owner Andrew Crawley, who has been a chef and consultant for more than 30 years. “I like to promote local business. I like to use and utilize local products, from the local farms, for produce as well as meat, and the local fisheries. We try to keep the menu as local as possible. Nothing is frozen, everything is fresh and made in house. We plan on opening in late May or beginning of June. We hope everyone can come in and have a good time. We have a beer and wine license. We will be promoting the local craft breweries here along the central coast and taking advantage of all the local wineries we have an abundance of right at our doorstep. We also will be offering full-service catering.”

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  1. El Guapo says:

    I miss Arlington Tavern.

    • Rich says:

      Yeah that was the weirdest change, I really liked the Arlington Tavern and thought it was a good fit. Felt like the building didn’t have the right set-up for the Nugget – tiny bar area but plenty of seating, but then if you are sat down round the corner from the bar you feel like you are miles away from everything.

  2. Rex Of SB says:

    I miss Epiphany. They had this cheesy potato thing that was absolutely killer. You know it’s a good restaurant when you go just because of a side dish.

  3. Eric says:

    “Farm to table” should have been removed from restaurant lexicon years ago. The time to take a stand against “Dock to dish” is now. I refuse at any establishment using either phrase.

  4. Claudine says:

    I miss Blue Shark Bistro. Best calamari ever.

  5. Marcel says:

    Dirt to Skirt? Sea to Belly? Ships to Hips? Ground to Pound? Isle to Bile? Fishing Pole to Watering Hole? Crate to Plate?

  6. Karen S says:

    A locavore is someone who is committed to eating food that is grown or produced within their local community or region.

    These are the Chefs I want opening restaurants and utilizing local products, Farms, and Wineries. I look to eat at places that use the term “Farm to Table” because to me that means it will be fresh clean eating while keeping the charm of small farms and wineries alive in Santa Barbara and the surrounding area.

    Thank you…. Can’t wait to try it.

  7. Christine says:

    Went to The Nugget at this location once and am not surprised well-to-do Santa Barbarians in the area, used to bouchon, SB Public Market, Ca Dario, Olio e Limone, Jane and Opal would ever want to frequent the joint. My take-away from my brief experience was pre-made, frozen appetizers or burgers. Service outside was ridiculously slow in a theater district. Let’s just say that I was not made a fan and it stood out wildly in both its sub-par menu and service.

    “farm to table” is far from new but I will look forward to trying the latest version of the restaurant at this address. I miss Blue Shark Bistro and Epiphany!

  8. Gerald Bostock says:

    I miss the Mandalay.

  9. Lynn says:

    I wish they had a limited cocktail menu for those that don’t drink wine. Even if they just had vodka or gin.

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