Chef Justin West from Wildwood Kitchen at 412 East Haley Street, and the former Julienne at 138 East Canon Perdido Street, has opened his latest creation at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, formerly Fire & Ice Museum Café.

“We call it Wildwood Café,” says West. “We serve lunch only from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tuesday – Sunday. We have a menu that has some bites from the Julienne days as well as Salads and Sandwiches from Wildwood Kitchen. We are really excited to come to that area of State Street with our flavors.”

A variety of specials are available daily. Tuesday: Pulled Pork Sandwich; Wednesday: Hot Pastrami Sandwich, Thursday: Cuban Panini; Friday: Meatloaf Sandwich; Saturday: BBQ Brisket Sandwich; Sunday: Triple Chop Sandwich.

The Bites menu includes Smoked Olives $5, Artichoke Toast $6, Chicken Liver Toast $4, Pork Pate $7, Smoked Mussels $13, Smoked Salmon $13, and Museum Snack Board $18. The Soup and Chili menu included Wildwood Chili $6/$9 and Soup du Jour $5/$8. The Salads menu includes Kale Salad $13, Thai Cobb $12, Classic Caesar Salad $13, and The Californian $12. Cold sandwiches offered are Wildwood Ham $10, Smoked Turkey $13, and Veggie Sandwich $11.

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