Last September I published a rumor that the old El Torito/España space at 29 East Cabrillo Boulevard will reopen this year as two restaurants. I said that one will be run by Carlos Luna, the owner of Los Agaves, and the other will be run by Tina Takaya from Opal restaurant. Word on the street is that Takaya’s half of the restaurant space is going to be named Oku and that an upstairs deck area is planned. Rumor has it that Takaya is also taking over the bicycle place next door (the old cinnamon bun eatery) to open a casual breakfast restaurant. As for the other half of the former-El Torito/España space, I’m hearing that the name of the restaurant will be Ledbetter. As always, this rumor might be completely false or a brilliant forecast of future events. Your call.

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3 Responses to RUMOR MILL

  1. Greta Breeden says:

    If anyone is going to open a restaurant called “Leadbetter”
    After the beach in Santa Barbara, please have them spell it correctly , as shown above !!

  2. William Munny says:

    Restaurant will definitely not be called Ledbetter. False rumor.

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