Reader Rich let me know that PokeCeviche has opened in Paseo Nuevo mall, their third location. Last May I reported PokeCeviche was coming to 313 Paseo Nuevo which is the space immediately to the left of former tenant Brookstone. PokeCeviche’s flagship store is in The Collection in Oxnard and they opened their second restaurant last year at 901 Embarcadero del Mar #102 in Isla Vista. Two new locations in the Los Angeles area are in the works.

As the name implies PokeCeviche offers Poke bowls, which is a hugely popular food craze sweeping the nation and some points of the globe. “PokeCeviche is a seafood restaurant that combines Latin American ceviche with Hawaiian Poke,” says owner Andy Kuan. “We focus on offering fresh ingredients that fits a healthy and flexible diet. You will find health-centric options such as zero-calorie noodles and low-carb kelp noodles to customize your poke and ceviche bowls.”

The menu offers Signature Bowls and Custom Bowls. The Signature bowls come in three sizes for $8.95, $10.95, and $12.95, and includes Spicy Ceviche (jalapeno Spanish rice, spicy fish ceviche, pico de gallo, yellow corn, takis fuego), Sushi Poke (matcha white rice, tuna, signature sauce, masago, green onions funkake), Classic Shrimp (quinoa brown rice, classic shrimp ceviche, yellow corn, cucumbers, tortilla flakes), and Low-Carb Protein (low-carb kelp noodles, salmon, signature sauce, masagoi, cucumbers, funkake).

The Custom Bowls also come in three sizes: Skinny ($9.95), Regular ($11.95), and Sumo ($13.95). Skinny includes, one base (rice, lettuce, noodles, etc.), two proteins, a choice of sauce, and up to 22 toppings. The Regular bowl is similar but includes two bases and three proteins, while the Sumo bowl comes with three bases and four proteins.

Hours are Sunday-Thursday 11 a.m.–8 p.m. and Friday-Saturday 11 a.m.–9 p.m. Hours subject to change. Visit pokeceviche.com.

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