This just in from co-owner Warren Butler:

Hello John,

Thank you for your support for the hospitality industry during these trying times. I just wanted to give you an update:

The transformation is happening.  The High Sierra Grill & Bar at 521 Firestone Road in Goleta (formerly The Elephant Bar) is being transformed into the Flightline Restaurant & Bar.  Please let everyone know to come and as we are still open during the changeover and see all the great memorabilia going up room by room.  We have a great steak and eggs special and Rack of Ribs special and a 2 for $25 special to give everyone a preview as to what is to come!

I want to thank you for putting the word out that I was collecting some aviation memorabilia for the new concept.  I was contacted by many people including John Blankenship who has a  priceless aviation collection that he is more than excited to share with the community.  |

The end result is the FlightLine will be surpassing my original vision and I know it will be appreciated by the entire community.  So many people have told me how much they appreciate what we are doing in showcasing the history of aviation and the airport which Santa Barbara is so proud of..  So many people have a story and so many memories!!


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  1. Susie says:

    Maybe I’m supposed to know but what is your address?

  2. Terry Utterback says:

    The original Flightline Restaurant was the place to go for lunch – not just for pilots. My dad and I went there for lunch quite often during the 1960’s. It was a favorite of the UCSB and defense contractors in Goleta in the 1960’s – it was the only place with a decent bar. It was owned by Art Snyder and his wife Rose. Below is an excerpt written about the restaurant by Art Snyder’s nephew, Gary Martin:
    Gary Martin says:
    Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 9:15 am
    Hi John,

    My name is Gary Martin and I am originally from Santa Barbara (1941 to 1949).

    Right after the war ended and in the mid 40’s my Uncle, Arthur Snyder and his wife Rose opened the Flight line Restaurant at the airport in Goleta. They created a “Fly-in” service that they offered on Sunday mornings. Art designed the front of the dining area to lift up (like a garage door). Airplanes would taxi up and could be served breakfast. It was a favorite for flying clubs.

    Many well known and famous people would visit the Flight line, Mickey Rooney, George Gobel, ZaZa Gabor, Paul Lind, James Dean, Ronald Coleman and more that I can’t remember now. I do remember Mickey Rooney telling Art to take a break and then he tended bar and bought me a coke.

    Art was a pilot in the Army Air Corps during the war and flew the “Burma Hump”, he was also a flight instructor for the Army Air Corps. Art later owned Santa Barbara aviation and was a Beechcraft aircraft dealer.

    Uncle Art and Dan Carrow (Carrow’s Restaurants) were close friends and Uncle Art and Aunt Rose helped him open the first Carrow’s Restaurant in Santa Barbara. John was a realtor and asked Art to teach him to fly. He then used his flying skill to research restaurant locations. Aunt Rose helped Dan with is first menu and today on the menus at Carrow’s/Denneys is a sandwich Aunt Rose created for Dan and it is called the “Santa Barbarian”.

    These are just a few tidbits I remembered. I was partially raised by my Uncle Art & Aunt Rose and spent a lot of time at the airport.

    Gary martin

  3. SB Foodie says:

    I really, really hope you improve the food quality and taste. It’s pretty bad.

    • John Dickson says:

      I had a great lunch at High Sierra yesterday with my wife. She had the Ahi Tuna salad and I had the mushroom burger. They were VERY good. My burger was spectacular. Of course I haven’t tried everything on the menu.

      • SB & TAHOE says:

        So, they already have a new menu, the High Sierra food/menu is gone? I really wanted the High Sierra to be successful so I ate there a few times but each time I was disappointed. If the only thing remaining from the High Sierra is the sign, I’ll eat at Flightline tonight!

  4. Robert Bernstein says:

    I loved the food at the Elephant Bar.

    High Sierra literally does not have a single item I find edible. They manage to ruin every single dish by their idea of “creativity”: Adding hideous flavors that do not belong in food.

    It would be wonderful if the new restaurant could bring back what we all loved at the Elephant Bar. If that is not possible, they should start over from scratch. Nothing at High Sierra is worth saving.

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