Blenders in the Grass, 1046 Coast Village Rd – open
Bottle Shop, 1200 Coast Village Rd – open
Bree’osh Cafe & Bakery, 1150 Coast Village Rd – opening ~1/31
Cava Restaurant & Bar, 1212 Coast Village Rd – opening 2/1
Lucky’s, 1270 Coast Village Rd – opening ~1/31
Oliver’s, 1198 Coast Village Rd – opening ~1/31
Rori’s Artisanal Creamery, 1024 Coast Village Rd – open (serving pints, not scoops)
Stella Mare’s, 50 Los Patos Way – open
The Honor Bar, 1255 Coast Village Rd – open
The Honor Market, 1255 Coast Village Rd – open
The Liquor & Wine Grotto, 1271 Coast Village Rd – open
Tre Lune
, 1151 Coast Village Rd – opening ~1/31
Vons, 1040 Coast Village Rd – open

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6 Responses to MONTECITO UPDATE 1/25

  1. Jonathan Savell says:

    KEYT says that all 101 exits in Montecito are closed and Google Maps and Waze are not reporting accurately. What is the best way of getting to Coast Village Road from both Summerland and Santa Barbara?

  2. Jonathan says:

    I drove through coast village road today. You can use either of the 101 exits or take the Cabrillo underpass. Of course this is subject to change.

  3. Karen says:

    What about Los Arroyos and Jeanine’s?

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