“Which restaurants serve local lobster? – Julie”

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  1. FYI Almost all local lobster is exported to China. Try Santa Barbara Shellfish. The SB Fish Market has sold them live in the past. VERY expensive!

  2. steve engles says:

    During the season, Oct-Mar, some of the lobster fishermen sell at the Saturday harbor on the accomodation dock. Be prepared to spend at least $25-30 per pound!

    • Will says:

      No lobster fishermen sold local lobster during the Saturday harbor fish markets this season. Few (or one) fishermen sold them during the Harbor Seafood festival, and you can usually purchase it at the SB Fish Market and sometimes Kanaloa Seafood.

      For restaurants, Chef Hutchings is correct about SB Shellfish CO on the wharf. It’s outrageously expensive at any restaurants, and be prepared to pay at least $40 for 1/2 of a local lobster. Trattoria Molly has sold it in the past, as has Downey’s but Downey’s is closed and who knows about Molly?

      It’s a shame we can’t enjoy one of our great local seafood items at our restaurants because of the exporting, but you can dive or hoop net for them all season for the price of a fishing license and lobster card and enjoy them at home for a fraction of the price.

  3. Deb says:

    Would like to know myself….Tried most, not good 🙁

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