Last weekend I was at the life celebration of Mel’s Lounge and Pascucci restaurant’s beloved bartender Sunny Quinn who lost her battle with cancer last December. While talking with several of the hundreds of people in attendance I was told a few things about the restaurants at San Ysidro Ranch at 900 San Ysidro Lane which suffered extreme damage from debris flow during the tragic January 9th floods in Montecito. None of the information I received has been confirmed. Though an official map of damage to the area designates as “destroyed” the building that is the home of Stone House and Plow & Angel, I am told that the Stone House building is NOT destroyed which would be a relief to many fans of the popular venue. I was also told that San Ysidro Ranch owner, billionaire Ty Warner, is continuing to pay full salary, including tips, to restaurant staff. That is amazing if true.

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