Reader Annie sent me this message:

Dickey’s BBQ in Goleta has closed as of this past weekend. Rep said the location was not good.”

I tried calling Dickey’s Barbecue Pit at 7060 Hollister Avenue in Goleta and was only able to reach their voice mail. When I visited their web site dickeys.com, it no longer lists any locations on the South Coast and says the closest restaurant is in Ventura. The web site for Hollister Village Plaza, where Dickey’s is located, still says the restaurant is open for business as usual so I’ll leave it up to you to make the final call on what is really happening. Dickey’s opened in September 2016.

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23 Responses to DICKEY’S CLOSED?

  1. Gary says:

    Funny that with so much new growth in that area they couldn’t make it. SB deserves better BBQ than Woody’s. Anytime it get’s something a little better like Killer B’s or Dickey’s it doesn’t last. Sure, we’ve got our Santa Maria tri-tip but sometimes you want a more diverse experience.

  2. mikeyr says:

    well, no beef ribs so that limited how often I went. Service was hit and miss as well. Oh well, back to Woody’s being the best, since its the only.

  3. Ray Goldenberg says:

    I lived for many years 1 block from the original Dickeys in the Dallas area. They had excellent BBQQ and I ate there several times a week. Dickeys franchise locations are very hit and miss. The Goleta location was poorly run and they were always out of ribs when I went. They were often out of the standard sides and it was like eating in a very poor cafeteria. They also had significantly higher prices and very limited seating in comparison to Ventura. The Dickeys in Santa Maria is even worse with the food not even edible. The operation in Ventura is very good. The Santa Maria and Goleta operations had the same franchise owner. He recently purchased the Ventura location. I use to go to it quite often was really hoping the Goleta operation would be as good. Unfortunately that was not to be the case. When I am looking for good BBQ now I just travel to Ventura to the Wood Ranch. Since I live in Carpinteria it is not any further than going to Goleta. I sure wish we could get a Wood Ranch in the Santa Barbara area.

    • Allen says:

      Wood Ranch would be great! Completely agree with the input regarding hit and miss on the food inventory. How can a bbq place be out of ribs, or macaroni, or slaw, or beans so often? Heard apologies from staff numerous times. The location wasn’t the problem!

  4. Ed Adams says:

    Really wasn’t very good. Won’t be missed at least by me.

  5. A. S. says:

    I thought it was a different menu than the one in Santa Maria and that made me sad. It was trying to make it “upscale” but failed.

  6. Spring says:

    Small servings, overpriced, and mediocre food…I tried it several times and finally gave up.

  7. Rex Of SB says:

    I was delighted when Dickey’s came to Goleta, but unlike the Ventura Dickey’s, there were few, if any, daily specials, and the food didn’t seem as nice. The icing on the cake came when I talked to a management employee one day about how expensive the Goleta Dickey’s was in comparison with other restaurants in the chain. I was told that it was a deliberate move, since Santa Barbara was an affluent community and “could easily afford” to do without special offers.

    So now we’re stuck with Woody’s as the only choice for BBQ again. I just don’t understand how BBQ places come and go, but this yardstick by which awful barbecue is measured still stays in business.

  8. VT says:

    Try the NEW Creekside. You will surprised by the bbq there. It is fantastic. And Wildwood kitchen at the MIll is also a good option, though a bit pricey.

    • Rex Of SB says:

      Problem is, the only BBQ offering at Creekside is the obligatory tri-tip. No pork, chicken, ribs, etc., according to their online menu. Wildwood is passable, but the prices seem way out of line for what you get. The brisket I had there twice was very dry and I wouldn’t order it again. Barbareño has a superb barbecued tri-tip sandwich, but it is VERY expensive for the portion size and it’s only served two days a week.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again: there is NO reason that a metropolitan area the size of SB/Goleta/Carp can’t support a nice BBQ restaurant like the Wood Ranch or the late, lamented Oak Pit in Oak View. Before another pizzeria, fish joint or vejjan eatery comes to town, I’d REALLY like to see decent barbecue. And restaurateurs would do well to take note of the fact that barbecue isn’t exclusively about tri-tip.

      • VT says:

        The new Creekside has bbq’d smoked ribs, chicken, tri-tip and brisket. And it is beautifully remodeled. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did

        • Rex Of SB says:

          Thanks I’ll do that. I was just going by their online menu, which only lists tri-tip as a BBQ offering.

          • Lily says:

            I think Creekside is better than Wildwood. The brisket I had last time was tender and not dry.

          • Rex Of SB says:

            I went to Creekside a couple of days ago and the only BBQ item was the obligatory tri-tip sandwich. The server told me that business had fallen off since the Thomas Fire and that more BBQ was planned “later.” So for now, it’s still slim pickin’s as far as South Coast barbecue restaurants go.

  9. davidber says:

    When it opened, I would go there once or twice a week. I cut down to once a week and then when they started running out of things, it became once a month. Running out of cups . . . running out of rolls . . . running out of ribs . . . running out of sides . . . They would blame the supplier constantly and say it was a credit issue with another store. I once brought up the fact that the cups do not come from a third party supplier that ties them to the other store, but those are something at the franchise level. I think it hit home.

    They finally, after a few months, put in daily specials. That was a good sign, but the damage had been done, they lost the first impression. People, when ordering fast food or close to it, want a number, not to piecemeal things.

    I am not happy to see them leave because that means I think they were terrible and harming the community. I am disappointed that they could not make it here and get over that initial first impression that was all over these forums.

    Yes, this town still sucks for anything remotely approaching real southern bbq. Woodys is horrendous.

  10. VT says:

    I would call first as their smoker has been disabled from the Thomas fire.

  11. RAMBO says:

    Next to go in that strip mall will be Baja SHARKEYS(IT SUCKS) Then Kyle’s Kitchen (HORRIBLE)
    Watch it will happen soon.

    • Sbmizzou says:

      Sharkey’s is ok. Depends on what you order. Kyle’s has a market. If it fails, it will be because of over saturation. It reminds me of Zizzos. I local model that works only to be undermined because they open multiple locations within eachother.

      • Eric says:

        Kyle’s gets packed during lunch, usually a full patio.

        Zizzo’s had 3 locations all within a block of each other, a little bit different than Kyles. The drive-thru location has that advantage but stand-alone, they are also competing against Starbucks and French Press…and were also competing against itself.

  12. MK says:

    Rep blames the location and not the food….lolz

  13. SuzyD says:

    And the soft serve ice cream machine was always “out of order” when we went. 🙁

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