I recently discovered a restaurant near Kmart that is open to the public and has been around for years but had slipped under my radar even though I only live a few blocks away. FLIR Systems (pronounced “flee-er”) at 6769 Hollister Avenue in Goleta, makers of thermal imaging, night-vision and infrared camera systems, is the home of Flir Café. Korean chef Ahn Emerey offers breakfast and lunch from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The menu, available online at flirdining.com, says breakfast includes eggs, breakfast burritos, bagel or croissant sandwich, egg muffin, omelets, quesadilla, and a breakfast bowl. Lunch includes sandwiches (turkey club, chipotle chicken, BLAT, spicy Italian), and wraps (buffalo tender chicken avocado, Malibu, turkey avocado, seared ahi tuna).

Flir Cafe also offers daily specials:

  • Monday Italian $7.49: lasagna, chicken parmesan, chicken picatta
  • Tuedsay Asian $7.25: Korean curry chicken, Thai
  • Wednesday Burritos and Bowls $6.99: chicken, tri-tip, carnitas, quesarito
  • Thursday Bim Bap Bop $7.95: kimchi, bulgogi, spicy chicken, spicy pork, ahi poki bowl;
  • Friday Sandwich $7.25: gyro lamb, gyro chicken, Cuban sandwich

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