Last week I published a press-release from Steve Hermann, owner of now-closed Somerset restaurant, 7 E. Anapamu Street, that announced the opening of Smith Kitchen + Bar and that the eatery is not open on Saturdays. Hermann sent me a correction:

“Hi John, Sorry for the confusion. Yes, the name is Smithy Restaurant + Bar. We are open Saturday night for dinner but not for lunch on Saturday. We are open Sunday for brunch and weekdays for lunch and dinner. Thanks for your help! Steve”

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10 Responses to IT’S SMITHY, NOT SMITH

  1. BRS says:

    Sad commentary on the fact that they don’t seem to have any of their S together.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I’ve been there a couple of times for happy hour and was very impressed. Food and drink were both very good and reasonably priced. Their regular menu looked good and inexpensive.

    I look forward to going back soon.

  3. Christine says:

    OK… only open Sat night for dinner, and only open Sunday for brunch? What hours are brunch?

  4. christine! says:

    E P I C !

  5. Rex Of SB says:

    Maybe they can turn it into a dive bar and call it Smitty’s.

  6. Lily says:

    Is there a menu anywhere? I actually want to try the food there, but can’t find a menu anywhere. I saw the business owner decided to post pictures of chairs and tables again instead of picture of actual food and menu on yelp.

  7. Sara Kerr says:

    One of the managers from last (Thursday 14th December) needs to book himself into charm school. Wearing a mask indoors whilst serving and telling people he would rather be some where else is not the best customer service. Also if you are hungry it’s going to cost you…

  8. mikeyr says:

    Tried this place last night. Wife and I actually talked about walking out before we even ordered when we saw the prices. $36 for appetizers is NOT what we call affordable but we were in a curious mood and I really like a good Charcuterie plate so I was willing to risk it, yup,should have walked out. I even asked the server, “we paid $8 for that .50 chunk of cheese?” And the Charcuterie was super expensive and not very good. $4 for a soda and NO free refills, they didn’t tell me when i asked for a refill, they just happily gave me another $4 soda. Dinner was just so-so and the concept is doomed to fail. My wife and I have 2 very different appetites, we don’t want to share our dinners, she wants her vegies and I want my “proteins” as its called on their menu. I did like their Sandabs but where is the rest of the meal ? oh yeah, the rest costs more money, no thank you. I am sure the yuppies will like it, but I don’t see it surviving any longer then the previous restaurant, its too expensive even for the yuppies.

  9. David D says:

    SMITHY is now closed permanently according to the sign on the door. Guess the second attempt didn’t work either. The sign says a new restaurant will open in June.

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