You may enjoy using Uber when you need to get somewhere in a hurry but now you may use the company when you just feel like staying at home. UberEATS is Uber’s food delivery platform that makes getting food as easy as requesting a ride. The UberEATS app connects you with a broad range of local restaurants and food, so you can order from the full menus of your local favorites whenever you want. UberEATS has been expanding across the nation rapidly and officially launches in Santa Barbara on October 11th. UberEATS has close to 30 local restaurants available on the platform, including On The Alley, South Coast Deli, Woodstock’s Pizza, and more.

“We’re thrilled to be launching UberEATS in Santa Barbara, bringing a convenient and reliable way for people to get the food they love; opening up new economic opportunities for delivery partners; and enabling restaurants and chefs to connect with more customers,” says Ben Story, General Manager of UberEATS.

“Genuine Restaurant Concepts (Benchmark Eatery, Farmer Boy, and On The Alley) are honored to be a launch partner with UberEATS,” says owner John Bennett. “We are very excited that our customers are now able to enjoy our various menu items utilizing the quick and convenient service of UberEATS. We look forward to adding our other restaurants Brophy Bros. Santa Barbara and Brophy Bros. Ventura to the delivery service in the near future.” Visit ubereats.com.

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  1. Foodie Dan says:

    We ordered tonight. The driver said he “didn’t know he was delivering food”. Good order selection. Food from Luna café was great! I wonder how this will influence the other delivery methods.

  2. SB_local says:

    Ordered lunch and I tried calling their customer support to add a side of sauce for the order. They had me on hold for about 15 minutes. Frustrating. I gave up and had to deal without it. I guess this is what happens when you have big corporate company service. I’ll continue to use the alternative local delivery service instead.

    • Cris says:

      I have trouble getting SBMenus (which is just a franchise of national chain OrderUp) to add sides of X, Y or Z, or getting salsas from Los Agaves for example. There’s just a disconnect with all of these services between the restaurant, the company, and the driver if the requirements are not specifically stated in the order.The driver isn’t going to check, the company has no way of confirming, and the restaurant normally wouldn’t include salsa in a to-go order for example. Thus, a problem.

      • SB_local says:

        I agree with you on that. I’ve tried their service before and the level of customer service just isn’t there. Same issues as the ones you have stated. I actually use Restaurant Connection instead of SBMenus. They’ve been around for a while in SB. Their customer service is second to none when it comes to food delivery services. You can call their office and actually speak to a person right away. The orders seem like they’re checked in detail by the drivers; they get my order right 99 times out of 100. I just don’t think many people know about Restaurant Connection here in SB.

        • Foodie Dan says:

          My family has used Restaurant Connection and SBmenus for years. We also like some of the local delivery restaurants… I believe the local ones can personalize with ease.

      • Rhys Davis says:

        Hi Cris,

        Thank you for the feedback! All Los Agaves menu items have a salsa option for you to select for free. Additionally, there is a special instructions box where you can input specific requests. Your exact order with specifications is sent to the restaurant for them to input and prepare. If there is ever a disconnect, or items left behind, we are more than happy to refund that item, and/or provide customer credit for the inconvenience. I know how important the salsa is at Los Agaves. I love the molcajete!

        Feel free to reach out with any order issues, questions, or concerns – Rhys@sbmenus.com

  3. Terry says:

    UberEats beats SB Menus hands down. When you order from SB Menus the driver can make up to 3 stops, so he’s not just getting your food, he’s getting food from multiple restaurants for multiple customers. If you’re the first restaurant on his trip, your food can sit in their car for up to 40 minutes sometimes while they make other stops. You can follow them on the app with the map. I emailed and complained and all they said was the driver can make up to 3 stops per their terms & conditions…I was tired of getting cold and soggy food…app deleted. UberEats only makes one stop for your food so it’s quick and the food is hot.

    • Rex Of SB says:

      Not only that, but SB Menu prices are often wrong. More than once I’ve ordered food from an outdated online menu, only to have it wind up costing more than had been indicated

      • Rhys Davis says:

        Hi Rex of SB,

        I am sorry to hear you encountered this situation. Our restaurant partners regularly update their menu prices to compensate for the cost of having their product delivered through our services.

        If you are willing, I am more than happy to look into any orders you have placed and make it right for you. Shoot me an email at anytime. Thank you for being a valued customer!


    • Rhys Davis says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thank you for voicing your concern! Our order grouping only allows orders to be grouped within a specific time frame of each other, and the drop off locations have to be within half a mile. In order for us to get all of our customers food delivered in a timely manner it is imperative for us to group orders, or our platform would experience increased amount of shutdowns. Order grouping is especially vital in a high density neighborhood such as Isla Vista. Order grouping is not as common in the downtown region.

      As for UberEats… Their delivery partners do not utilize any hotbags to preserve food integrity. Best of luck!

      Feel free to shoot me an email and I would be happy to address your issue & provide credit for the poor experience you received. Thank you for being a valued customer!


    • Foodie Dan says:

      Terry,”Uber eats” in SB, has been available for less than 100 hours. Please don’t rush to judgement.

      • Terry says:

        I’ve UberEats in SF for a long time now. Like I said beats SB Menus hands down…1 stop.
        And I do live downtown SB, and I have followed the driver on the map. stops for 20 to 30 plus minutes with my food…always arrives cold and soggy. And when I did complain there was no offer for a credit only excuses. Now they want me to email and they’ll credit because I’m bitching on a public platform. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

        • SB_local says:

          I’ve had the same issues with SBmenus. Although I will also say that UberEats is just too big of a corporation to pay attention to detail and comply with full customer service, hence my experience when I ordered and was on hold for over 15 minutes and never got in touch with someone. I’ve also read some really bad reviews on UberEats.

          Hands down, for me, Restaurant Connection is the best delivery service in Santa Barbara. They pay attention to detail. They’re truly a hidden gem. I’ll be sticking with our local company and support the small business.

  4. Lazy SB-er says:

    I don’t understand why all of these companies have such high delivery fees. I lived in New York for years with places like Seamless, GrubHub, etc., and then I lived in another college town with GrubHub and local delivery services. The delivery fee in NYC was mostly $0. If a restaurant tacked on a $5-$7 delivery fee, they would never get business through those services. In the other college town, it was $1. Plus, the restaurants reprice all of their items. The “gig economy” is not lacking in Santa Barbara, so I’m sure there are enough drivers to not have such huge costs. I was hoping that UberEATS would force everyone to lower their price, but it looks like not. Clearly plenty of people use the service, but I have to image that the delivery fee cuts out from the driver tips…so…what gives?

    • John Dickson says:

      If a third party delivery service charged $0 for a delivery fee they would have $0 as their income.

      • Lazy SB-er says:

        I will have to disagree with you, John. It’s just the business model of SBMenus, Restaurant Connection, and, now, UberEATS. The other delivery services like GrubHub and Seamless push that cost onto the restaurant and so can offer no delivery charges, but they also offer services to the restaurants, like larger customer base, the opportunity to boost the restaurant in searches on their platform, and, of course, providing the delivery people (no I don’t work for GrubHub or Seamless). They make plenty of money on that model + charging the restaurant 5-15% of each order. The model could work here because the restaurants, in my experience, already add at least $1 to each item when they offer delivery through one of the Santa Barbara services. If I get the Asian Greens Salad from South Coast, it is $8.95 + tax in the restaurant or if I order online for pick up. It is $9.85 to order through UberEATS. If they made the upcharge on a different service, that would cover the commission charged, but the consumer wouldn’t then also have to pay $6 delivery fee + tip + tax. Clearly the SBMenus model works here or it wouldn’t still be in operation, but I think a third party could make plenty of money and not charge such huge fees.

  5. P.W. says:

    Restaurant Connection and SB Menus charge about 30% over the restaurant menu prices, as well as a delivery fee, tip, and fee if you pay with credit card…
    There is a smaller company, SB Bites, they use taxi drivers, and only charge 10% over the menu price, much more affordable. They have a website, and if the restaurant you want to order from is not on there, they will call the restaurant and make arrangements (we order from Your Place on Milpas)

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