The husband-and-wife team of Laxman Perera and Keiko Miyata, who operate many popular local food businesses including Sushi Teri (with three South Coast locations plus Lompoc), Nikka Fish Market & Grill, Nikka Japanese Market, and Nikka Ramen, have launched their latest venture: Craft Ramen, which just opened at 436 State Street, the former home of Bucatini. Craft Ramen is a joint venture with Nikka Ramen head chef Mitsu Kusuhara. The menu includes SB Craft Tonkotsu Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Vegan Ramen, Pork Chashu Bowl, Chicken Chashu Bowl and Spicy Tuna Bowl. A variety toppings are available in addition to salads, sides, beer, and wine. Craft Ramen is open daily for dinner from 4-10 p.m. and will begin offering lunch in October. Call 770-2170. Thanks to reader Steve H. for the tip.

STATE & H: Wesley Tom (left) and Dymon Taylor from Phoenix, Arizona, dine on the patio at the new Craft Ramen at the corner of State and Haley Streets.

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  1. ky says:

    their Vegan Ramen is not vegan, they use Egg Noodles in it. they ignorantly did not know that eggs are not vegan. they offer rice noodles as a substitute, for an extra $4 charge.
    false advertising, incorrect food labeling. they should know what a term means if they use it on their menu.

    • Suzy says:

      I agree – it’s ridiculous to make you pay an extra $4 for rice noodles! PS I tried this place last week and it was not good at all! When the ramen came to the table the broth was luke warm, and completely tasteless! This place better shape up.

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