Here is a list of area eateries that have closed in the last year:

  • August 2017: Barbarians Pizza, 511 State St.; The Cantina, 966 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista (now Dumpling King); Downey’s, 1305 State St.
  • July 2017: Giovanni’s, 6583 Pardall Rd., Isla Vista (now Rincon Brewery); Papa John’s, 5756 Calle Real, Goleta (might reopen); Rebar Coffee, 214 State St.
  • June 2017: Burger Bus, mobile; Rusty’s Pizza, 149 S. Turnpike Rd., Goleta (moved to 4880 Hollister Ave., Goleta);
  • May 2017: The Mex Authentic, 413 State St. (now Urkeb); Stacky’s Seaside, 2315 Lillie Ave., Summerland (changing to Rusty’s Pizza); Zizzo’s Coffeehouse & Brew Pub, 7060 Hollister Ave., Goleta (changing to Choppa Ice Cream)
  • April 2017: Blush Restaurant and Lounge, 630 State St.; Bucatini, 436 State St. (changing to Craft Ramen Bar); Mama’s Bakery, 5342 Hollister Ave., Goleta (changing to 7-Eleven); Silvergreens, 791 Chapala St. (now Kyle’s Kitchen)
  • March 2017: 18 East, 18 E. Cota St.; I’a Fish Market and Café, 38 W. Victoria St. (now Big Eye Raw Bar); Kol’s Café, 6533 Trigo Rd., Isla Vista; Santa Ynez Burrito, 956 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista
  • February 2017: American Ale 02, 214 State St.; Terraza Café, 3007 De la Vina St. (now The Patio Café)
  • January 2017: Aldo’s Italian Restaurant, 1031 State St.; American Ale, 14 East Cota St. (now Foxtail Kitchen and Bar); Caffe Primo, 516 State St.; OTaco, 6530 Pardall Rd., Isla Vista (now Lao Wang); Paloma Restaurant and Tequila Bar, 5764 Calle Real, Goleta (now Los Arroyos)
  • December 2016: Hungry Cat, 1134 Chapala St. (now Bar 29)
  • November 2016: Ahi Sushi, 3631 State St. (now Sun Sushi); Globe, 18 E. Cota St.; Julienne, 138 E. Canon Perdido St. (changing to Rudy’s Express); Mac’s Fish & Chip Shop, 503 State St. (now Hana Kitchen)
  • October 2016: Gandolfo’s New York Delicatessen, 718 State St. (now Goa Taco); Montecito Café, 1295 Coast Village Rd., Montecito (changing to Scratch Bar & Kitchen); Ralphs, 2840 De la Vina St. (now Grocery Outlet Bargain Market)
  • September 2016: Alchemy Spa and Café, 430 Chapala St.; Georgia’s Smokehouse, food truck; Relais de Paris, 734 State St.
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