In April 2016 I announced that Handlebar Coffee Roasters is opening a second location at 2720 De la Vina St. (formerly Sleep Shoppe). I have had no new news since then. Last week I stopped by their 128 East Canon Perdido Street location to order my wife a iced decaf vanilla latte when the kind lady at the register told me that the second store will be opening this month.

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  1. Henri says:

    I presume getting it through the City was a colossal headache. It’s taken such a long time— but it sure looks like a beautiful renovation from what I can see when I drive by. A very nice addition to the community.

  2. Gerald Bostock says:

    David is not being “that guy.” I too remember. It must have been regarding Dr. Meller’s plan to raze and build an AUD unit; the issue was the underground parking lot. Still trying to find local news about it; no go when using search terms 2720 de la vina and/or Meller.

    I don’t understand why I can’t find a thing about it, but Meller’s book and talks are found.

    His project is item 8 in 4/27/15 ARB minutes.

    8. 2720 DE LA VINA ST C-2/SD-2 Zone
    (6:20) Assessor’s Parcel Number: 051-220-021
    Application Number: MST2014-00079
    Owner: William Meller Family, LLC
    Applicant: DesignArc, Inc.
    Proposal to demolish the existing 4,167 square foot commercial building and surface parking lot, and construct a new 20,746 square foot mixed-use building on the 11,674 net square foot parcel. The building consists of three stories above an underground parking garage. Twelve commercial parking spaces are proposed in the parking garage below-grade. … There will be 168 cubic yards of fill grading, and 1,562 cubic yards of excavation, mainly for the lower level of parking below grade. “

    • Sbmizzou says:

      So being on the city’s ARB calander for a design review is evidence of doing illegal or unpermitted work? The building looks great now. Great owners at the coffee shop. I wish them nothing but success. I sort of wish their downtown location had more protein based snacks.

      • Gerald Bostock says:

        I am not saying that at all.

        I am only pointing out that there *were* issues at that site, and they were with the previous applicant, Dr. Meller.

        I said nothing about Handlebar in my post.

        Thank you for your attention.

  3. Gerald Bostock says:

    There were problems because the property is next to the creek. Remember when it overflowed in the 90’s?! Pretty sure Marty’s stayed open.

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