Based on a tip from reader Steve H. I stopped by 134 E. Canon Perdido Street, the former home of Sojourner Café. That space was scheduled to be transformed into a Mexican restaurant and a new location for Miso Hungry. It appears that Miso Hungry is still a go but the Mexican restaurant, that was to occupy the left side of the building, will instead be a Jake & Jones clothing store. Mexican food fans should have no fear because Rudy’s Express will be opening one door away in the former home of Julienne.

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  1. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo says:

    Article in Noozhawk recently about the new Rudy’s location. I’m not a total Rudy’s hater but amazed there is such a market for their (mostly) microwaved to order food. So interesting what thrives and what fails in SB. That said I’ll be by for a hard shell taco, but it saddens me such an awesome restaurant is be replaced by processed pre-fab GMO laden junk purveyor.

  2. drbigness says:

    if souj have been a truly organic resta., they would have survived.
    why go to rudy’s, when when sharky’s has much org. cooked over wood/non GMO!

  3. tony mastres says:

    Wow! What a sad dumbing down of the culinary treats that used to occupy that block! Damn, part of the soul of SB has vanished. Almost as bad as when the Italian and Greek deli/market on State was replaced with Verizon store!

  4. Deb says:

    Agree with top post! Rudy’s has always been mediocre, and the one by the beach has really gone downhill…..Tables weren’t bussed, salsa bar was messy, the whole place was dirty while the ‘workers’ were busy laughing and not tending to business. My husband got so turned off (plus the food was microwaved), so we just threw away what we had and left. Sure wish that corner would give us some good eats!!! Who needs Rudy’s when you could eat at la Playa Azul right down the street???

  5. ljplay says:

    Playa Azul has great food but one of their career waiters turned my friends and I off because he was such a sour puss every time we went there and he started limiting the amount salsa we got with our meal (you eat, DRINK and indulge in chips and SALSA). We were polite, used to give this guy great tips and he still was rude. So we now go to another mexican restaurant (no shortage of them) where the food is great and there is no limit to the amount of salsa we can have.

    Don’t know about the microwave, but personally, I like Rudy’s Chicken Salad.

  6. Gerald Bostock says:

    I patronize Rudy’s in Ontare Plaza 1-4 times a month. I’m pretty stuck on my orders; 90% of the time it’s a carnitas burrito. Expensive, but it’s 3 meals for me. I’ve also gotten chicken enchiladas verde; last time they were very dry. I’ll simply tell them what happened and ask them to be sure to sauce the dish heavily next time. I’m addicted to their creamy avocado salsa, and their pico de gallo is delicious.

    I know they have a nuker, but their flat top and the rest of the kitchen is easy to view from the order counter. I do so because I’m interested in how restaurant kitchens function. If northside Rudy’s is a good one, I count myself lucky.

    (Leftover chunks of burrito are good heated in TJ’s black soup, topped with shredded cheese, preferably crumbled queso fresco.)

  7. Gerald Bostock says:

    I do agree with Joey Jo-Jo. Would rather have the Sojurner back. But we all know how things have changed. I miss Jimmy’s! But I’m so happy to have C’est Cheese.

  8. LoFiGirl says:

    Ugh. Rudy’s. I DO love hard shell tacos, but the rest of their food is so greasy it’s disgusting. Why are they so popular and why have they thrived like this? There is much better mexican food, but being born and raised in San Diego, I have never liked any of the Mexican food in SB. It just isn’t good. And WHY can’t we get a good organic healthfood restaurant in town that isn’t so expensive that you have to take out a loan to eat there? This is Santa Barbara, California —- We should be on the forefront of good vegetarian/vegan/organic eats, and yet we are sorely lacking! Would-be new restaraunteers, hear this, please! We do not need another sushi or mexican food place, we need a good middle class geared organix healthy vegetarian cafe! One that is open at NIGHT, like the Soj used to be.

  9. Justine says:

    You know, for those of us who really miss the Soj, titling this “Sojourner Update” is like rubbing salt in the wound. It has nothing to do with the Sojourner, just an update on what is going where it used to be. Ya know?

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