This just in from Sorriso Italiano owner Antonio Gerli at 901 Embarcadero del Mar in Isla Vista:

“I’d like to inform you that we remodeled the interior of our restaurant and we added something new: the possibility to build your own pasta and #beyourownchef,” says Gerli. “Since we added this new feature to our menu we increased our sales of 60%. All the ingredients and the toppings are always super fresh. I think that the secret of this success is because the customers can create their pasta with their own taste. View the new menu at”

During the summer (when the UCSB is closed) business hours are Monday closed, Tuesday-Sunday 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5-9 p.m.

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  1. Gerald Bostock says:

    And the one on De la Vina is … weak. I used to enjoy it more. I rarely eat there, so I will carefully scrutinize the menu.

    What do you think of it, Rex?

    Although over 10 years ago, I learned from them what a Parmesan eggplant sandwich could be!

    Recently? No difference between them & Petrini’s. Even on a bad night I can boil pasta and have it with olive oil and/or butter, pre-grated Parmesan-Reggiano from TJ’s and call it a night. I often make Asian noodles (NOT ramen) with miso paste, green onion and egg.

    I support the idea of Presto Pasta — but there’s nothing easier to do yourself when you don’t want to cook. And I love take out/quick food.

    I’ll stick to Chicken Ranch and almost any taqueria. And admit that I don’t eat red sauce on spagh, but will on lasagna.

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