Reader Annie asked me if Papa John’s Pizza at 5756 Calle Real in Goleta is closed for good or just temporarily. I had no idea that anything unusual was going on in that part of town so I phoned them during regularly scheduled business hours (no answer) and searched for them at (they are no longer listed). Until I hear otherwise I am going to make the call that they are gone. Papa John’s Goleta opened in July 2014.

Update: Papa John’s will be reopening August 14th

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5 Responses to PAPA JOHN’S CLOSES

  1. Chaz says:

    The left hand hasn’t yet told the right hand.

    Just this morning there was an e-mail from Papa John’s touting some special or another that stated: This offer available at your local store; 5756 Calle Real. Order online now.

    Maybe the new Rusty’s did them in?

    • Chaz says:

      Anecdotal evidence:

      I have liked their pizza in the past.

      However, three months ago I ordered a pizza for delivery and I called and complained.

      Why? Because I could have sworn it was from the day before and re-heated in a microwave. It was so rubbery I simply threw it away and haven’t ordered since.

  2. Random says:

    Papa Johns new grand opening under new ownership and management is the 14th. Signs at the store.

  3. Barbara Altman says:

    We passed by the store yesterday (a Friday evening, September 1st) and they were closed. Not sure what’s going on. Are Papa John locations franchises?

  4. Joseph says:

    Still not listed on the website.

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