This just in from owner Ruben Perez at Black Sheep restaurant, 26 East Ortega Street:

“Hi everyone, Black sheep restaurant is doing a pop up dim sum brunch on August 6th From 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Make reservations at 805-965-1113”

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2 Responses to DIM SUM BRUNCH

  1. Christine says:

    Went today and had a very nice time. Two of us (me and hubby) had a reservation at 11:30. Ruben explained that this pop-up and dim sum menu was new to them, to keep the chef and kitchen fresh and creative. He said they hope to do dim sum every Sunday once they got through the day and got feedback. Both Black Sheep and Oveja Blanca spaces were utilized. We sat on the outside patio between the two, weather was perfect!

    Food was delicious. There were 12 dishes on the menu and 5 “cocktails” that were prosecco or sake based. Service took 2 hours for our table of two, so very slow. Staff was very connected to us, frequently checking in about what we were waiting for. We were comped two drinks plus 15% off our bill, which we were not expecting – the drinks were gift enough! Steamed, broiled, fried, small plates, fish and pork – variety was great. Three dipping sauces, the sweet/hot honey+chili one was amazing.

    Everything was fresh, drinks too. They may want to consider some sort of pre-made batches so every plate isn’t made to order? The service should be much faster if they want to do this regularly. Plates were priced (memory?) from $6.50 to $12. I will come back and I WILL have the chicken feet! Great job, Ruben and team.

  2. Gerald Bostock says:

    Thanks so much for your review. (I like to eat slowly, so this is perfect for me; one dish and a couple of drinks would keep me satisfied a long time.) I’m on their email list, but didn’t have a companion and didn’t want to go alone. Reuben is wonderful! Acknowledged my menu corrections.

    Mmm, chicken feet!

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