Rincon Brewery co-founder Mark Hyatt tells me that his business has opened at 6583 Pardall Road in Isla Vista, the former home of Giovanni’s.

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  1. Sbmizzou says:

    This is great news. They have a great tri tip as well as other dishes.

  2. Josh says:

    When did Gio’s close again??

  3. IVregular says:

    Gio’s had some sort of racist incident that resulted in a boycott back in May. Stopped by to check it out today. It’s basically an identical menu to Gio’s but more Rincon beers on tap. Still has bud light, shock top, and goose island. Will be interested to see if they change the menu at all.

  4. Josh says:

    Wow, that’s bonkers. Thanks for the research John. I feel for the business owners in these situations, because having an incident with ABC can lead to such severe consequences as your business closing. Its not worth the risk to take all the IDs in the world. DL/State ID card or passport should probably cover 99.44% of the legal population. Businesses put themselves at risk by accepting anything less, so I view it as, if you are one of these people with an ID of not the above form, you probably got lucky that some employee felt pressured by whatever reason to accept your ID, not some other way around, and that them not accepting your ID and getting defensive about it is them protecting the job that they probably get paid very little to do. In general people should have a valid DL/ID or passport, so just bring one, or get one if you don’t have one and then none of it will be a problem. I don’t see much of a valid argument opposing that.

    • debbie says:

      Absolutely true!
      I’m not a big fan of Giovanni’s, but no business deserves to be boycotted because some Douche didn’t get their beer!
      Grow up and put yourself in the Employee’s position!

    • Katie says:

      I agree, there should be a clear policy at an establishment of what is accepted and what is not when trying to buy alcohol. In a campus town there are bound to be a plethora of international students from various countries- and they should all be required to provide the same proof (ie- passport) since the information on IDs vary from country to country. The incident article clearly states that the policy at Gio’s was not clear. Why is a German ID card any better than a Mexico ID card if neither include the information it should for legal purchase of alcohol (which the ABC states is physical descriptors.) THAT was probably what pushed these students over the edge. It would if I were in their shoes.

      • Anonymous says:

        All international residents and students are required to carry their passport at all times. In Isla Vista to purchase alcohol or tobacco products you must ‘show’ proof of your age, no matter how old you are. They are very discriminating. At Giovanni’s there was always a lead manager responsible for checking I.D’s, then personally applying a tamper proof wrist bracelet to prevent others from drinking your purchase. Since 1998 all Austrians and Germans are required to carry the state issued Identification card, from the age of 16. It has at least 7 safety features, including magnetic strip, pictures on both sides, holographic, and fluorescent features, detail descriptions, specific weight size and color to make recognizable and forgery resistance, and similar to the drivers license. Not so the I.D. presented by the undocumented student. Demanding your I.D. Is adequate, then claiming racism when rebuked, is irrational. The color, race, or nation of origin of any of the other patrons at the establishment is irrelevant. A small group of elected UCSB students exceeded social acceptability, for self validation.

  5. Mark Hyatt says:

    Hello Isla Vista! Rincon Brewery took over Gio’s July 1. We are upgrading pretty much everything but it takes time. The restaurant did not close in order to keep the kitchen staff employed. The kitchen currently does not allow for grilling or frying until a new ventilation hood system is installed. Our plans are to bring our Carpinteria menu to Isla Vista as soon as possible. For now we are serving mostly Gio’s style pizza and will switching over to our own new pizza dough and style in a week or so. We will be introducing our Thai Chicken Pizza.

    In regards to the tables, yes we did remove the old ones but we have new furniture on the way for both the inside and patio. The current furniture was existing. We are also building beer die tables for the outside patio.

    In regards to beer, we are upgrading the tap system and have plans for 20 taps. We continue to add more Rincon Beer as we burn through the existing stock of keg inventory.

    Please be patient with the transition and know that many good times and things are ahead.

    Thank you

  6. Goleta local says:

    The principals of the new Rincon Brewery are doing a fine job of upgrading and improvements to the Isla Vista property, and operations through their progressive soft opening. The group has been a great supporter of locals and community outreach in Carpinteria, besides making great beers. Ive only eaten once at the Carpinteria location, and the food was served, hot fast and fresh, but I was there for the beer. For beer aficionados, this place is going to be a destination spot. For the last three years Rincon has served up some of the most flavorful beverages, and if your intrigued by the variances that micro brewers produce, this is a great addition to the community, in a tough, central coast market.
    The Pardall address is a great location with off street parking, and a find for a franchise outlet in a thirsty student market. Rincon brews a great lager beer, (la Riena) and a lighter rotational seasonal brew, you could drink all day, along with IPA’s, ales and a promotional tasting sampler. And it will always have the best view in town, from the glass enclosed patio.

  7. Gio'sLover says:

    Sorry for the late post – I just found out about Rincon Brewery yesterday! I worked at Gio’s from 2008-2012. Our general rule was that we never accepted foreign ID unless it was a passport. It sounds like that rule was lost when the new management took over. We never accepted another country’s driver’s license because it wasn’t in English so there was no way for us to verify it’s accuracy. We collected SO MANY fake IDs. We had a massive stack in the back to educate our new hires on how to suspect them. Interesting to note that the manager had accepted one form but not another…I was a manager during some of my employment there so I know how stressful it can be at times there.

    I’m sad to see Gio’s go since I had many wonderful memories there from college. But I have to admit that the upgrades look very nice and it’s good to hear that the owners kept the kitchen open to keep the employees hired. They sound like great people!

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