Last week I wrote that reader David sent in a tip about a business with the corporate name of “Snowcave XD Inc.” coming to 7060 Hollister Avenue (Hollister Village Plaza) in Goleta in the former home of Zizzo’s Coffeehouse & Brew Pub. At the time I wasn’t quite sure about what type of business this would be. Reader Cris now tells me that the web site for Westar Associates that manages Hollister Village Plaza says that the spot will be the future home of Choppa Ice Cream, which I assume is the retail name for Snowcave.

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  1. Ray Goldenberg says:

    Facebook for Hollister Village Plaza just posted a photo with a short announcement. The news is out! Choppa Ice Cream, a Thai-style gourmet rolled ice cream shop, will be opening its doors in Hollister Village Plaza very soon! Stay tuned for more details

  2. Marion says:

    Customer service is not good. The layout is dumb, you walk all the way to back of store to order, then wait around with the crowds of people to wait until they call your number to make your creation. My family tried it Sat 5:45pm, there were 30 people there, 10 of which were in line to order, 8 of them waited about Ten minutes and they were never spoken to so they all left.
    My opinion the register needs to be at the front as you enter then you can walk towards back to watch the ice cream being made. Won’t be going back nor will I recommend to others.

  3. Viv says:

    I think locals need to know that this is a really anticipated dessert that many have not ever tried.

    The concept pops up on social media a lot and that’s what is drawing a constant crowd to this place. They’ve only been open for a week so far, I think it’s safe to give them the benefit of doubt.

    To expect immediate turn over is being ignorant because everything’s made to order…
    I’ve tried it in LA and many peak days, it’s also about a 45 minute wait.

    The only reason I can see the layout being bad is that there’s just too many people showing up, otherwise it’s fine. Sometimes the architecture may seem off, but a store just has to compromise.

    For people to not recommend or say that it’s not worth the wait only prevents cool spots from coming up in the city. You can support local businesses by giving them suggestions instead. I think it’s overall hard when you’re trying to bring something popular

    There’s very few dessert shops in Goleta/SB, so expect a wait at a trendy place and support them or else nothing will stay. Just my two cents.

    support the local businesses!!

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