My Santa Barbara friends and I take have been taking a group photo (with the exact same pose) every 5 years since 1982 (see In 2012, when we took the last photo, CNN heard about it and did a small story on their web site and it went viral. They got 50 million hits in a week and it made newspapers all over the planet. NBC flew us all to be on the Today Show and we were asked for autographs everywhere we went while touring New York City. While at 30 Rockefeller Plaza we bumped into the US women’s gymnastic team, which has just won gold days before, and even they asked to have a pic taken with us. It was just crazy stuff.

We take our next five year photo this weekend in northern California on June 24th and CNN is covering the story again. I guess with so much politics and terrorism in the news they decided it is time for a happy story. If you happen to be watching TV or browsing the web during the next week and see a series of pictures of five guys sitting on a bench, the Restaurant Guy is the one on the right.

Update: here’s CNN story

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5 Responses to OFF TOPIC

  1. Dianne says:

    That is a very cool story. Look forward to seeing this year’s picture.

  2. BRS says:

    I remember when that when viral. Great ongoing story and terrific that you have a good group of very long term friends!

  3. Foodie Dan says:


    You guys Rock!!! Cant wait for the new pics and update-

  4. mikeyr says:

    keep taking the pics, its a good reason to keep working out knowing every 5 years the whole world will see you without a shirt again.

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