Solstice Saturday will be the last day of The Burger Bus here in Santa Barbara. Here is the scoop from owner Michael Gardner:

“After 8 amazing years of slinging SBs best burgers, it is time for us to begin a new chapter in our wonderful story.  We will be packing up The Bus and heading towards the beauty of Colorado.  It is with both tremendous joy and great sorrow that we end our time here as residents of this most wonderful city.  To all of our loyal BUStomers, we will miss you all so much.  To all our amazing friends who without your support we would have never pushed so hard, we thank you with all our hearts.  And to you John, great thanks for writing about us at the very beginning and showing your support for more than 8 years. It will be a huge change, but one that gives us, our family and our BUSiness such a thrill.  All you amazing Santa Barbarians, please come and support one last time before we leave.  Stop in for lunch, a wave or just a toot of your horn as you drive by. Solstice Saturday will be the last day of BUSiness.  The menu will be eclectic and with our closing, everything must go!!  Thank you Santa Barbara, we will miss you so very much. -Michael Gardner”

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12 Responses to BYE BYE BURGER BUS

  1. Don says:

    I just saw this on their site! Are there any food trucks left in SB/Goleta?!

  2. Justine says:

    Am I correct in understanding that when they say Saturday, they mean they’ll be out at Alameda park for the post-parade festival?

  3. Rex Of SB says:

    The City of Santa Barbara is directly to blame for the extermination of all our local food trucks, due to overzealous and unnecessary zoning and other restrictions. Please remember the fate of the Burger Bus on the next election day and vote out every single incumbent City Council member who is up for reelection. We cannot afford to keep these draconian incompetents in place any longer.

    • David says:

      The Burger Bus had to move to Colorado because of the City of Santa Barbara?

      • Rex Of SB says:

        It did indeed. The owners were forced to shut down here after the City came up with new ridiculous rules and regulations that virtually shut down all food trucks within the city.

      • Lily says:

        Its a not a food truck friendly city and many food trucks have gone out of business. However, the fact they are moving all the way to CO, tells me it is more of a personal decision.

  4. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo says:

    Sad to see you go especially after finally putting your burgers on an actual bun ;). Awesome grass roots family run business driven out of SB. Bummer

    • Josh says:

      LOL that was always my one complaint, the ciabatta always overtook the burger. Too bad I never knew they switched to a bun 🙁
      I just might have to go get one for the road to see what I will miss.

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