In 2008 we experienced the “The Cupcake Invasion.” In 2009 we had the “The Frozen Yogurt Invasion.” In 2011 “The Food Truck Invasion” rolled into the South Coast. 2014 was officially the year of “The Build-your-own Pizza Invasion.” It now appears that 2017 is the year of “The Poke Invasion” as numerous poke restaurants have popped up or are scheduled to arrive soon. Reader Don got a sandwich recently at Ike’s Love & Sandwiches of Isla Vista when he noticed that another poke place is coming our way. I’m told that the name of the restaurant will be Poki Rito and that the address is 6530 Seville Road, the former home of Shave It Nation. PokeCeviche will be opening nearby on Pardall Road in addition to a adding a location in Paseo Nuevo. HiWi Tropical Fusion of Isla Vista opened in January and includes poke on the menu. Pokemee now serves the popular dish in Hollister Village Plaza as does the new Big Eye Raw Bar in Santa Barbara Public Market and Kanaloa Seafood on Chapala.

Photo by reader Don

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3 Responses to THE POKE INVASION

  1. Ted says:

    So…which is the best, everyone?

  2. SLV says:

    I haven’t tried them all, by any means, but Poke Mee is the best so far.

  3. Spencer says:

    PokeMee is far and above the best of the options i’ve tried. HiWi in Isla Vista has more menu options outside of just poke but most of the food is fine, large portions for the price without flavors that will blow your mind.

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