Last week I passed word from reader Steve H. that a German sandwich place is coming to 413 State Street, the former home of The Mex Authentic, Pace, Momma Donna’s, Billies, and Lettuce B. Frank.

Reader W. tells a different story:


I’m not sure where your tip comes from but the place going into 413 State is called URKEB, and I believe it is to be a Kebab place.

Perhaps the German thing came from this:
But I don’t think that has anything to do with food.
BTW if you google ABC license and an address you can get that info from the first link, much more reliable than rumors.

Your Anonymous Friend,

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7 Responses to GERMAN OR KEBABS?

  1. Andy says:

    Doner kebab, while not German in origin, has a strong German association due to the popularity of a particular style there.

    A favorite lunch stop when I’m in Seattle is the Berliner, a very German-themed kebab shop…öner-kebab-seattle-3

    • David says:

      Steve was wrong and you are still trying to salvage it. Why?

      • Other Andy says:

        Now that I have spent far too much time on this… Everyone gets a trophy! Even David for his super helpful comment.

        Germany claims to have introduced the Turkish based sandwich to Europe and Kebabs are now found all over Europe. Also yes you did read correctly Kababs are referred to as a sandwich.

        Also you can find Urkeb’s logo on twitter which states the previously mentioned mantra of Fresh. Lecker. German. (Lecker means delicious in german).

        Since Urkeb is a made up word (not associated with any language) it is quite likely that this is in fact the twitter account for our new SB German, Kebab, Sandwich shop.

        I personally love Doner Kebab and will be eating there at lunch everyday if it opens up.

  2. Peter N says:

    You can search for a license by street address at
    Look for the highest license number. It should be marked “active”..

  3. Rich says:

    Doner kebab would be amazing.

  4. Brendan says:

    They have posted a craigslist ad looking for workers:

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