Last week I mentioned that a drive-thru Starbucks is coming to Santa Barbara or Goleta and that the location is unknown. Reader Alex says that Starbucks is building its new drive-thru location on the vacant lot at the south-east corner of Turnpike and Calle Real between In-N-Out Burger and IHOP. This information has not been confirmed so it falls squarely under the “rumor” category for now. This is the same location where a sign was posted briefly two years ago that read: “John’s Burger and Mixed Use Development.” If this rumor is true you will someday be able to cruise Turnpike for a Double-Double and Frappuccino without ever leaving your car. Perhaps IHOP will consider adding a drive-thru so we can complete a mobile trifecta with Buttermilk Pancakes.

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  1. Eric says:

    This looks like as of September 14th, a coffee shop drive-thru mixed use building is planned. A Carl’s Jr was proposed in 2008 and McD’s in 2013 but this alternative seems to have been preferred by the residents. Multiple references to Starbucks (menu boards and traffic study of Orcutt location) and a couple renderings depicting a Starbucks are shown.

  2. Admin says:

    That spot has been rumored to be a lot of things, but whatever it turns in to i expect an increase in traffic incidents in the area by 1000 fold

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