An alarm went off in my inbox last week from nearly a dozen readers who were mourning the loss of nightly dinner service at the popular Cody’s Café at 4898 Hollister Avenue in Goleta. Dinner will be available by appointment for parties of 15 or more. While I visited the premises at about 6 p.m. to confirm the news, car after car drove up to Cody’s for dinner and I had to let each of them know the news and encouraged them to come back for breakfast and lunch, which is still available, or schedule a group meal for evening hours. One of the regulars who drove up told me that Cody’s usually has a line out the door for breakfast, and that dinner, though not packed, usually had a healthy supply of customers. There were many customers for dinner while I was there though they couldn’t get in. Readers tell me that Cody’s liquor license is being sold and that they will continue to serve beer and wine.

A sign on the front door of Cody’s Cafe reads as follows:

“Hello and thank you for dining at Cody’s! Some changes are happening here at Cody’s and we are really excited about them. Starting today, Monday June 5th, our new hours are 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. We will continue to open in the evenings for parties of 15 or more. If you are interested in scheduling a fun dinner with us please speak to the hostess or call and talk to a manager. We have some exciting new menu items as well, so please look over the menu and enjoy your meal. Thank you so much and we appreciate your patience and understanding during these changes. Thank you! Cody’s Management and Staff”

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8 Responses to CODY’S UPDATE

  1. Foodie Dan says:

    John, I just don’t understand! They have been in business for too long to just fall apart. My family and friends were regulars, for decades! I will say that people have noticed a change in quality since Shaun left. However, with the potential amount customers from the local community and San Marcos and the history. It should be able to work! This establishment survived the great recession.

  2. Whirl says:

    This doesn’t mean they are falling apart, or that it doesn’t work, they may just want to try something different or maybe just to work less hours. Cajun Kitchen is very successful and they aren’t open for dinner, even though I always wish they were. They could just be trying it for the summer. I’m sure if it hurts their bottom line, they will extend the hours again.

  3. Rex Of SB says:

    Cody’s is one of the very few reasonably priced (operative term) family restaurants with a liquor license. Where else can you go for a really great breakfast and a bloody mary, which isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg?

  4. Chaz says:

    A check of the ABC web site looks like the liquor license sale is pending to the Sky View Motel in Los Alamos for their restaurant.

  5. Kim says:

    This is extremely disappointing news. My family visited Codys every Friday night for years due to lack of other reasonably priced, decent food, family friendly, low-key, locals restaurants in town. It’s sad to see a family tradition come to a halt so unexpectedly. I really hope this is just a test phase and they bring back dinner service. I have no idea where else in Goleta that can fill in. I’m really sad about this news.

  6. Terry Utterback says:

    I have lived over the freeway from Cody’s for over 43 years. Cody’s was the only restaurant that survived and did well – it has been the best family restaurant by far. It has a homey comfortable atmosphere with good food. I shop in Turnpike Center several times a week and when I noticed there were no cars around the restaurant at the most popular time (5:00) for dinner, I thought it was undergoing a renovation. Since that is not the case, it makes me wonder what all those San Marcos families are going to do – it was a big attraction for lots of people. I called Mesa Café and they said it is under a different ownership – so it isn’t connected with Mesa Café anymore. If that is the case, maybe the new owners could not afford the liquor license and could not afford to run the business staffing for 3 meals. I hope they bring back the dinner hour because it might doom the restaurant – people will find someplace else to go.

    • B says:

      Codys is not the same since Sean was forced out of the business. He ran the restaurant very well and was a very gracious host. I cant understand the business decisions to close for dinner and sell their liquor license. I have been in and noticed the food has changed some…(ie…using pressed turkey in sandwich in place of fresh roasted…etc) and prices have been raised. Dont see these changes in staff and quality of food as a positive change.

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