After intense concentration and a wave of my hand over the all-knowing crystal ball, my eatery oracle has revealed a list of food and drink locations appearing in your future:

  • Basil’s Santa Barbara, 608 Anacapa St. (formerly Arch Rock Fish)
  • Blue Water Grill, 15 E. Cabrillo Blvd. (formerly Rusty’s Pizza)
  • Cachuma Lake Café, Cachuma Lake marina
  • Cafe Ana, 1201 Anacapa St. (formerly Coffee Cat)
  • Ca’ Dario Trattoria and Pizzeria, 250 Storke Rd., Goleta (formerly Sam’s To Go and Bicycle Bob’s)
  • Cajun Kitchen, 6025 Calle Real, Goleta (formerly Rusty’s Pizza)
  • Chicken in a Barrel BBQ, 310 S. Fairview Ave.
  • Cito Street Café, 305 W. Montecito St.
  • Goa Taco, 718 State St. (formerly Gandolfo’s Deli)
  • Guicho’s Eatery, 901 Linden Ave., Carpinteria (formerly The Beach Bowl)
  • Handlebar Coffee Roasters, 2720 De la Vina St. (formerly Sleep Shoppe)
  • Islands Restaurant, 3825 State St. (formerly Marmalade Café)
  • Kyle’s Kitchen, 7060 Hollister Ave., Goleta (Hollister Village Plaza)
  • La Entrada de Santa Barbara, 30 State St.
  • La Hacienda, 298 Pine Ave., Goleta (reopening)
  • Luna Grill, 3925 State St. (formerly Carl’s Jr.)
  • Magic Castle, 30 Los Patos Wy. (formerly Café del Sol)
  • Miso Hungry, 134 East Canon Perdido St. (formerly Sojourner)
  • Old Skool Café, 901 Milpas St. (formerly Sublime)
  • Oliver’s, 1198 Coast Village Rd. (formerly Peabody’s)
  • PokeCeviche, 901 Embarcadero del Mar Isla Vista (formerly Jimmy Johns)
  • PokeCeviche, 313 Paseo Nuevo
  • Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro, Carpinteria Ave. at Holly, Carpinteria
  • Rudy’s Express, 138 E. Canon Perdido St. (formerly Julienne)
  • Rusty’s Pizza, 2315 Lillie Ave., Summerland (Stacky’s Seaside)
  • Rusty’s Pizza, 4880 Hollister Ave., Goleta (moving from 149 S. Turnpike Rd.)
  • Sharkey’s Woodfired Mexican Grill, 7000 Hollister Ave., Goleta (Hollister Village Plaza)
  • Unnamed German, 413 State St. (formerly The Mex Authentic)
  • Unnamed Taco, 134 East Canon Perdido St. (formerly Sojourner)
  • Unnamed, 422 N. Milpas St. (formerly Altamirano’s)
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  1. Frank says:

    Thanks for the list! There is an excellent restaurant in Carmel with the name Basil. Is it possible that the one replacing Arch Rock Fish is related, or will it be the same owners as Arch Rock with a new concept?

  2. Steve Warren says:

    No more Del Taco?

  3. Dana says:

    Are any S.B. restaurants with venison, or game included in their menu?

  4. Dana says:

    Are any S.B. restaurants with venison, or game included in their menu?


    This is my first comment/question!

  5. Richard says:

    Night Lizard Brewing Company?
    607 State Street

  6. Christine says:

    Ca Dario Pizzaria is opening (practically) next door to Rusty’s? How odd. I know college kids like pizza, but that seems like saturation. Isn’t there a Little Caesar’s in Kmart too?

    • Steve says:

      Also Pieology basically across the street. But at least they’re all different price points and styles of pizza.

    • Sbmizzou says:

      Not that it really matters but Little Caesar’s in KMart closed down awhile ago. I was a little surprised to see Ca Dario still on the list as they announced the location so long ago. I assumed it was a no go.

  7. Sbmizzou says:

    You have Rudy’s and Unnamed Mexican Rest both listed at Canon Perdido.

    • Sbmizzou says:

      Wait….i just realized you list two different addresses….i guess disregard the post..I can’t imagine there will be a taco shop right next to Rudy’s (assuming this is the Mexican place).

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