Reader Ocean let me know that Stacky’s Seaside at 2315 Lillie Avenue in Summerland closed its door permanently a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed many a great burger at Stacky’s, which will transform into a Rusty’s Pizza during the next year.

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4 Responses to STACKY’S CLOSES

  1. VT says:

    Very sad news indeed.

  2. Rex Of SB says:

    Just wha we need — another Rusty’s.

  3. debbie says:

    Rusty’s really?
    Anyone else please…. anyone….anyone at all…….

  4. tom says:

    mexican food, a good burger place, japanese, a good coffee shop, any of those would do really well in the underserved Summerland area. But Rusty’s??? God have mercy. How about the first good pizza in Santa Barbara County?

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