Reader SBMizzou let me know that Zizzo’s in Hollister Village Plaza, which opened at 7060 Hollister Avenue in Goleta last May, has closed their doors. Here is a message to you from Zizzo’s about the closure:

“Dear Zizzo’s Guests, This past year has been a blast with opening the only brew pub/coffeehouse concept in Goleta. Regretfully, due to under-performing numbers, Zizzo’s Coffeehouse and Brew Pub in Hollister Village Plaza closed its doors Sunday, May 7th. We are immensely grateful to everyone who has supported this new Zizzo’s location. To be clear, our original drive-thru coffeehouse (370 Storke Rd) will continue to be open and happily serving rockin’ Zizzo’s coffee. Our second location inside Ice In Paradise Rink (6895 Santa Felicia Dr), will be open as well. Wednesday Trivia Nights will be moved to the giant patio just outside Zizzo’s caffee (there’s no way we could stop all that fun!). Join us there for beer, pizza, food and best part: prizes throughout the night! – The McDonald’s and Zizzo’s Brew Pub Staff”

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  1. Papa John says:

    Is it just me, or do the Hollister Village restaurants resemble a ghost town the majority of the time?

    • Josh says:

      I think its just the mix. Pieology seems to do ok as well as PokeMee, and I expect Kyles to do well too, but I think being next to some duds like Dickey’s and the seemingly never to open Sharkey’s dragged down the fortunes of Zizzo’s.

    • Chad says:

      Pieology and PokeMee are out of casual strolling distance from Zizzo’s, and Hollister Village’s tenant mix is generally off anyhow – witness the furniture store in the space originally meant to be a drugstore. If Barnes & Noble was still opening stores, that would’ve been a terrific fit, but alas…

      Smart and Final would have been a bad fit if Albertson’s wasn’t so expensive and crowded, especially post Haggen-gate. Sprouts or another TJ’s (a bit close to Calle Real, but the parking lot’s small enough for them 😉 ) should have been brought in.

      Part of the problem though is there aren’t as many non-food chains left to put in the small spaces as there used to be. A couple of decades ago they could’ve easily gotten Gamestop, Radio Shack, a bookstore, a card store, etc.

  2. Kerry White says:

    ok that enrages me to know that the furniture store should have been a drug store..A cvs at our end of town is sorely needed.

  3. tony says:

    I’m kinda surprised a coffee place couldn’t survive so close to so many apartments but with Draughtsmen right around the corner and MSpesh about 2 blocks away I’m not surprised beer sales were flat 🙂

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