Reader Cris let me know that Silvergreens at 791 Chapala Street is now Kyle’s Kitchen, which is under the same ownership. The eatery offers burgers, shakes, and salads and is open daily from 10:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Downtown Silvergreens opened in November 2008 and Isla Vista Silvergreens continues to be open for business as usual. Here is a message to you from management about the transition:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We are excited to let you know that we just changed Silvergreens on Chapala to a Kyle’s Kitchen restaurant!  For our amazing Silvergreens customers, don’t worry, Kyle’s Kitchen is our sister restaurant and serves many similar fresh and healthy menu items as the Silvergreens menu you have grown up with.  And don’t forget… Silvergreens still provides a great catering program and our Isla Vista restaurant is still going strong after 21 years!

When we opened Kyle’s Kitchen a little over two years ago in Goleta (inspired by our son Kyle who was born with special needs) we didn’t know what to expect.  We wanted to serve great burgers and salads, and meaningfully give back to our special needs community.  We had no idea the community would embrace our purpose and mission with such passion.  After being voted Best New Restaurant in Santa Barbara and giving back over $100,000 to local special needs organizations in our first two years, we think it’s time to see what we can do with a larger reach.  Our company’s passion for our community and those with special needs is the primary reason we made this change.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kyle’s Kitchen, here’s a little background: Every time you eat at Kyle’s Kitchen you are helping people with special needs reach their potential. That’s because each month we team up with a great special needs organization in our community. In addition to donating a portion of our proceeds to their cause, Kyle’s Kitchen tries to be a place that spreads the word and helps us all connect better to those with special needs. So, come on in to Kyle’s Kitchen, a unique restaurant where you get to eat great food & help great people.

Being a locally family owned business ourselves, here at Kyle’s Kitchen it’s very important that we create a fun and stress-free atmosphere for you and your family. Our friendly staff is looking forward to serving you at Kyle’s Kitchen on Chapala!

The Kyle’s Kitchen & Silvergreens Team

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  1. Foodie Dan says:

    Yum! Cheesy Pig and a Wedge . Enough for two!
    Cant wait!!

  2. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo says:

    Bummer it wasn’t a great fit for downtown. Was a nice alternative to the dated Natural Cafe for that type of food. The pick 3 or whatever it was called with a choice of protein, grain, and greens was a good value for what you got in my experience.

  3. Christine! says:

    I am bummed to hear this….Loved having this option downtown- great value with delicious food. Don’t think I don’t appreciate Kyles- have enjoyed the Goleta outlet multiple times. And we have also and will now frequent the IV Silvergreens. BUMMER!

  4. Brendan says:

    Kind of a bummer. I’ve never been that impressed with the menu at Kyle’s.

  5. Aaron F says:

    Super bummed. Just walked up to find Silvergreens gone. Kyles is good but I liked the more diverse menu of Silvergreens and the unique soda fountain. Pretty bummed I can’t get the Santa Cruz bowl anywhere but IV now.

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