In early March I wrote a story about how a battle is underway between food trucks and the Santa Barbara planning commission over a new ordinance that affects how food trucks can operate. A representative from the city of Santa Barbara has sent me a response to share with you:

“Mr. Dickson, I appreciate the opportunity to respond and help clear up some misunderstandings: The City currently prohibits mobile food vending on private property. In recent years, there has been a rise in this type of land use and in recognition of the community benefits, the New Zoning Ordinance (NZO) proposes to allow food trucks on private property, with some parameters. This has been supported by the Planning Commission since first brought to them in 2015. Proposed provisions to allow Mobile Food Vendors on private property can be found in the Temporary Uses, subsection 28.49.420.E.5 and 28.49.420.F (pages III-210 and III-212) of the Draft NZO document, Feb. 9, 2017), found by navigating to; click on the Reference Documents tab. As for mobile vending on city streets, the City’s current ordinance conflicts with state law. A separate effort that is not part of the NZO is underway to make changes to that ordinance which will have reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions. Thank you. Marck Aguilar, Project Planner, City of Santa Barbara.”

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5 Responses to FOOD TRUCK UPDATE

  1. Mark says:

    Much more clear now

  2. Peter N says:

    The “Draft NZO document” PDF can be found at

    Then search for pages”III-210″ and 212.

  3. Yulelog says:

    One big paragraph of “Government talk” ???

  4. LoFiGirl says:

    This city has it’s head firmly planted YOU-KNOW-WHERE! I’m so sick of the way they treat local mom and pop businesses. It’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to open a business here and make it. IF you even pass inspections and can afford to pay all the fees and fines there are so many rules that you can barely do anything. SO frustrating. I’m over it. What is WRONG with this city? Lived here all my life and I can say it is ruined.

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