Bucatini Trattoria-Pizzeria at 436 State Street has closed after 21 years in business. I spoke with one of the partners at Bucatini and was told that their lease is ending and they are using that as an opportunity to move their restaurant to another block. They are currently looking at several locations. A sign on the window says “Grazie! To all our wonderful customers and friends for their support on these last 21 years. Bucatini will reopen soon on a new location. Please keep following us on Facebook and Instagram, and come see us at Tre Lune 1151 Coast Village Road. Ciao!” Thanks to readers Annie and Bruce for the tips.

Photo by reader Bruce

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  1. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo says:

    Ouch. Only going to get worse for State St. businesses. I can’t imagine why anyone would take the risk of opening up shop there anytime soon. Urine soaked ghost town.

  2. Toby D. says:

    It might have something to do with their rent jumping up to over 20,000
    A month. Everyone who is reporting on the vacancies
    Downtown never spotlight they key reason:
    Greedy property owners/management.

  3. Malachi Constant says:

    Stop it with the urine baloney. Unless you’ve experienced it first hand. It’s about high rents. Get a clue.

  4. debbie says:

    Yes, you are all right!
    Walking on lower state is like walking through a zombie zone without bathroom!
    Lower state is owned by a hand full of extremely wealthy people/investment trusts that don’t care if the stores are empty, and that is a fact.

    The problem is NO ONE CARES or has the BALLS to do something about it.
    Our City Politicians are too afraid not to get reelected if they actually would take a stand and finally tackle the Homeless Issue.

    STOP providing for them and they will leave!

    • k says:

      get rid of all benches and smoking on state street…….. bums will leave

    • NC says:

      Where do you want “them” to go? The problem isn’t too much “providing” but too little–if our city provided enough support for underserved populations you’d have nothing to complain about. The crime here is a town with absurd access to wealth that prices small businesses out AND refuses to provide enough assistance to those who need it.

      • Christine! says:

        That is a bunch of bull- the homeless population is well served- its the hobos and urchins who are in their position by choice or lack of desire to climb out. The non-profits that serve this population are plentiful and well funded. Its them vs us.

        • NC says:

          What the heck does “it’s us vs them” even mean? Privileged people of the world being forced to see the less privileged? I don’t even understand what your complaint is. If there are people using the streets as bathrooms it’s because (a) the city isn’t providing enough bathrooms; or (b) they’re mentally ill and the city isn’t providing them care. You know what’s the easiest way to deal with being asked by someone living on the street, by choice or not, for help, if you don’t want to give it? Say “no.”

          • Christine! says:

            Us vs Them:

            I don’t have my hand out.

            I don’t harass others into giving me their stuff.

            I don’t beg people to give me money for dog food with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth.

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