This was a shocker. Readers Pamela and Annie let me know that Blush Restaurant and Lounge at 630 State Street has closed. The business opened in April 2009, replacing downtown icon Zelo. Word on the street is that many former Blush employees are being hired at the new Creekside Restaurant and Bar on Hollister. Here is a message to you from Blush:

“Do to upcoming business restructuring Blush will no longer be serving the Santa Barbara community as a restaurant and lounge. Although saddened to no longer be serving you in this capacity we are excited by the new ventures we will bring to State Street in the near future. Please note our patio will be available for private events. We thank you for the years of patronage and loyalty you have given us and look forward to seeing you soon.”

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7 Responses to BLUSH CLOSES

  1. Peter says:

    BLUSH WAS NEVER AN INVITING PLACE. Several times we went to eat there and were told that they were no table available even though we saw that most of the inside tables were empty. I think that they were being very elitist. Their demise was easily predicted.

    • Rodnella says:

      A restaurant that has successfully had an eight year presence on State Street can hardly be described as having a predictable demise… I have had many pleasurable experiences at Blush, the last one being a mere five days ago. Sorry to see them go, but excited for their new venture.

    • Justin says:

      Those empty tables are called “reservations” you should try it some time!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Blush was the main location for bachlorette parties in town. Also, I always had good food and drinks in a fun envrionment. I too am surprised they closed. My guess is they are going higher margin alcohol route. We’ll see.

    I’ll also say that I never viewed them as elitest or that their demise was easily predictable. I guess someone from Edhat decided to cross-post.

  3. Steve says:

    City of Santa Barbara is suffocating businesses on State street and elsewhere with outrageous rent prices and taxes. They wonder why tourism is down. Who wants to come visit a town with closed businesses and construction on lower state. More closes to come. Time for change

    • Max says:

      The homeless problem downtown doesn’t help either. It’s hard to bill SB as this resort destination and charge outrageous rent on State St. while people are camping outside your front door.

  4. Christie withers says:

    I have a $100 gift certificate to Blush. Please send me a refund or tell how to get one! Very disappointed!

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