A new restaurant named Basil’s Santa Barbara is coming to 608 Anacapa Street, the former home of Arch Rock Fish and Melting Pot. Basil’s will offer Italian cuisine and it is the sister restaurant of Fabrocini’s Italian Kitchen at 18608 Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana. Both eateries are owned and operated by Rosemary Klein. I called Fabrocini’s and was told that Basil’s will offer the exact same menu as Fabrocini’s which includes salads ($7-$9), entree salads ($9-$10), antipasti ($6-$11), pasta ($12-$15), seafood ($22-$28), chicken ($15-$16), veal/steak ($15-$27) and pizza/calzones ($2-$21). The opening date is currently scheduled for June. For details about the menu visit

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  1. Nancy Freeman says:

    Is there a relationship between using a language……especially on a menu…..and the quality of the food? Does discrimination transfer?
    Let’s hope the answers to those questions is “no”, or the new Basil’s, sister of Fabrocini, will be one more disastrous Italian restaurant in S.B.
    Fabrocini’s menu was definetly not put together by an Italian.

    In addition to the incorrectly used/spelled names of dishes, no real Italian would ever eat a raw onion!

  2. Lily says:

    Take a chill pill. How many Italian places around here serve real authentic Italian food? Olio and Via Maestra are the exception rather than the norm. You certainly don’t have to be authentic anything to be popular in this town.

  3. Jan T says:

    Way too big and diverse a menu. They ought to cut it by about 2/3 and have a tighter focus if they hope to last very long.

  4. Danny says:

    maybe this could work….its a break from the usual Mexican restaurants opening. We do need a GOOD home-style red Italian place.

  5. Ali says:

    Please have a happy hour! The last thing we need is another boring Italian place. If they can make this place lively with a good ambiance, the nearby offices will love it for post-work outings.

  6. Doris Vickery says:

    After you eat at Basil Santa Barbara you will never complain about the food. This restaurant serves the most delicious Italian food and their attention to all details is incredible.

  7. Bruce Straits says:

    A+ on the critical test of an American Italian Restaurant: the veal melts in the mouth. Excellent food and service on a slow Wednesday night.

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