Readers sent me messages about Paloma Restaurant and Tequila Bar at 5764 Calle Real in Goleta. I tried calling Paloma during business hours and the phone just rings.

Reader Annie: “I have heard that Paloma’s closed on Saturday and was sold to Los Arroyos. Any updates?”

Reader Peter H.: “Unfounded ‘rumor’ that Paloma on Calle Real has either been sold or closed.”

Reader Heidi: “Hello, I heard from a friend that Paloma (old Rudy’s) on Calle Real was sold and closed at the end of the year. (allegedly) Do you know anything about that?”

Other readers say that Paloma is just closed temporarily for kitchen remodeling/cleaning. So we have wildly different explanations of what is going on.

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5 Responses to PALOMA UPDATE

  1. Em says:

    I went to Paloma on Tuesday around 4pm for Tacos, and it was closed. Didn’t see anyone inside and there was a sign that said “closed for kitchen cleaning for the first week of January” or something like that.

  2. VT says:

    Paloma is closed this week for kitchen renovations. and BTW , they NEVER answer their phone during business hours! So infuriating!

  3. Hoo says:

    Heard from someone in the know that they did sell and infact Los Arroyos will be opening.

  4. Travis says:

    So sad. I liked Paloma significantly more than Los Arroyos. To the point it’s unlikely that I’ll ever go there again (rather drive to Los Agaves)

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