There has been a lot of chatter about Somerset restaurant which opened at 7 East Anapamu Street last month. Many people have asked about their menu and it appears that Somerset just launched their web site complete with online dinner menu.

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37 Responses to SOMERSET UPDATE

  1. eric says:

    Meh, not in to beef hearts or anchovy butter. Guess I’, just not sophisticated enough to spend $80 on a Somerset meal.

  2. steve says:

    who wants to pay $24 to eat a spatula??? Linguica and pork belly with roasted apples, spatula and sage-cardamom pork sauce…24
    also how hard is it to get a proofreader….
    This place is not going to last…..

  3. Samuel Johnson says:

    Somerset needs to hire a marketing professional who can spell correctly, use punctuation and compose a sentence. With such lofty pricing, and implying a worldly background, the owner/management might actually impress and entice a sophisticated audience if he/they could express themselves coherently. Truly slipshod website. Apparently, all the money was spent on courtyard olive trees and interior gloss. “Following on the heals..” Seriously…

    • David says:

      SB doesn’t exactly have a sophisticated (dining) audience. See: nearly every comment on this blog.

      • Gerald Bostock says:

        It appears that at least half the comments focus on the inexplicable menu writing, which denotes sophistication on the part of the readers and commentators. I’m all in for beef heart and anchovy butter. Can you tell us what Rosso buck is? When I search for “venison rosso buck,” nothing comes up. Again, an osso bucco is made with a marrow bone – or so I thought.

        It’s just careless for the restaurateur to care so little about the menu and online presence after spending so much on the reconstruction. One will have to eat there to be sure the carelessness does not enter the kitchen.

        You wouldn’t let your business or work advertise at this level, would you?

        • Gerald Bostock says:

          I must add that not being able to use proper, grammatical, and correctly spelled language shows a poor face of a business. Many people still know and appreciate proper spelling and grammar.

          • Justine says:

            I agree! I am a good writer and editor, and would love to get my hands on some of this stuff we see and polish it up for them! But I find that business owners generally don’t see the value in that… discouraging commentary on our society today.

            If anyone out there is interested in freelance writing and editing services for web copy or other purposes, hit me up. I have an extensive background in arts journalism for the SBNP, Independent, and Noozhawk, as well as having done features for local magazines.

            John, I have enjoyed your blog for nearly the full ten years… moved back to town right before you started it up. Thank you for creating this local community resource and… well, community!


  4. mikeyr says:

    I can’t even pronounce half the things on the menu and the other half I have no idea what it is. I have been all over the world and never needed a translator to figure out the menu until this place. The one that caught me off guard was the $42 hamburger and that price is without the hamburger buns. You can easily guess where i will never go

  5. NC says:

    Totally agree about proofreader and marketing, and I’m not saying it looks affordable, but these prices look pretty normal for comparable SB fine dining to me (that is, Bouchon, Lark, Loquita, etc all charge about the same for their entrees)!

  6. Fay says:

    Less is more, simplify.

  7. Rich says:

    Looks like a decent high-end menu and prices not too bad for a special occasion. Plus if you want a $10 burger with fries included, there’s always the Nugget a block away

  8. Gerald Bostock says:

    Wow. They must’ve reacted quickly, I looked at the website before reading the comments. Much has been corrected. Accuracy is a high value and sore spot for me, Reuben at Black Sheep responded immediately when I emailed him about a couple of typos on the menu before they opened. What I read here is unbelievable.

    I’m not sure I’ll splurge here. I know I’m being judgmental, but this is expensive for me.

    Why are scallops 10 bucks cheaper than quail?! I’ll continue to buy meat, including quail, at Mayo’s Carneceria.

    Still on the site: “gougères, nimbant ranch”; antipasto with “salmi,” though salmi can be a ragu and salmis is in Larousse. Game, table-side, 2/3 cooked, see Careme. Gotta be another typo. lol.

    Short rib Rosso buck ? I thought it was a brand or farm name. Is this really supposed to be “osso bucco”? How can that be made with a short rib? Not to mention the butchering of the language so that we don’t know what the menu is referring to. I though it had to be a shank/marrow bone. Wikipedia tells me it means bone with a hole. I love sheep, cow and pig shanks.

    Major fail, they deserve what they get for not proofreading this. I and many others would’ve done it for the price of a meal. Or for free, when a restaurant has good community connections.

    • Christine says:

      “Accuracy is a high value and sore spot for me” oh my goodness, 100% agree with this!

      “Major fail, they deserve what they get for not proofreading this. I and many others would’ve done it for the price of a meal.” So many times I’ve read of a new place here on John’s blog, seen website/spelling/grammatical errors, and then emailed the owners with a few suggestions, and offered to do the full work in exchanges for a comped appetizer or glass of wine with dinner… only to be ignored. I’m serious. A place in SYV recently even had the email bounce because the inbox was full. How does an email inbox get full in this day and age??? I can only assume those places have failed, or will soon. I certainly don’t go visit and give them my business after the first failed contact.

  9. Gerald Bostock says:

    This will be interesting to watch. I’m stereotyping, but am curious to see how they do in this location. Hope they do get the older theater/concert crowd, some segment of tourist crowd. Lunch menu to come, and no bar menu (snacks) planned. Oh well, I like a lobster at Enterprise, a once a year dinner with wine friends at Opal, or a prime rib at Tee Off.

  10. Peggy Kay Perhac says:

    This type of mean spirited criticism is what killed Maggie’s. Have you even tried the restaurant? If you don’t want to pay the prices, don’t go. Santa Barbara should have room for more than a handful of excellent dining establishments.

  11. Fulham9 says:

    Good shout Peggy – let’s all try it first. I’m going next time I’m in SB. That said, $42 for a hangar steak is way too strong – I had a superb hangar at The Lark for $30…

    G’luck to Somerset…

  12. Janet says:

    Man this group is hard on new restaurant ! I love to try new restaurants and do often when I am in LA. I judge a restaurant by it’s food, service & ambiance. But basically its about the food. A misspelled menu ?? I probably wouldn’t have noticed. ( I’m sure the restaurant will see the error of their ways and hire someone who knows food to proof the menu ! ). The menu looks great to me ….and yes I enjoy anchovy butter ! I will be going to Somerset this Saturday so will be able to have an informed opinion of the food. Lets give Somerset some slack …. they are trying to bring a higher end restaurant with an interesting menu to Santa Barbara.

  13. Gerald Bostock says:

    They got it down to one sentence, which concludes a paragraph about the physical setting: “Somerset focuses on innovative yet rustic, farm-driven California cuisine, with light Southern European influences.”
    There is information on Open Table and Yelp. Great ratings. (why do people who think the price is unacceptable give 5 stars?)

  14. Claudine says:

    …and welcome to Santa Barbara, Somerset.

  15. VT says:

    I took my daughter there for a special dinner and it was inconsistent. The app menu was lacking, and the apps we did order were either poorly seasoned or frightfully small. Was not impressed with the french heavy wine list either. Too many great wineries here to just ignore. I got up twice to check the restaurant out and each time employees (4!) asked if I was looking for the bathroom. That was odd and hilarious. And sorry for any spelling errors…

  16. Ted says:

    This will be the Maggie’s of 2017!! Never forget the Cloisters!!

  17. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo says:

    They are charging $38 for a GLASS of wine. Just not sure that is going to work out so well in SB. Little harsh to say they are on par with Maggie’s as the kitchen team at Somerset is legit.

    • John Dickson says:

      Somerset’s online menu shows a variety of wines by the glass costing $13-$23.

      • Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo says:

        That doesn’t match what they are serving in the actual restaurant

        • John Dickson says:

          I stopped by Somerset last night (place was packed) and they handed me the food and wine menus that look like the ones are on their web site (with wine $13-$23/glass). I saw nothing for $38 on their wine menu so I asked if they have another wine menu and it turns out that they do: it’s called their “reserve” wine menu and that is where you got your number from. The reserve menu is their special, higher-priced wines, and it lists mostly champagne sold by the bottle, with a few wines sold by the glass for $30-$38.

  18. Gerald Bostock says:

    They _did_ proof and correct the menu.

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