The restaurant and bar space at the Montecito Inn, that used to be the home of Montecito Cafe, has been leased by the husband-and-wife duo behind Scratch Bar & Kitchen in Los Angeles. The hotel’s owners teamed up with broker Liam Murphy of Hayes Commercial Group earlier this year in search of a tenant to bring a new concept to the 2,513 SF space at 1295 Coast Village Road.

“Due to the iconic nature of the property and the unique location within the hotel, we were tasked with identifying a restaurateur that would bring excitement to the eastern end of Coast Village Road,” Murphy said. “Not only did we find a qualified tenant, but we are excited that they will be providing several different offerings to serve both the local community and hotel guests.”

Scratch Bar & Kitchen is the creation of executive chef Phillip Frankland Lee and pastry chef Margarita Kallas-Lee, both of whom have garnered awards and appeared on cooking shows such as Top Chef. Their plans for the Montecito Inn space are still under development, but they are planning to have more than one concept within the space, in order to offer both their popular Scratch bar dinner experience while still providing more casual restaurant service for hotel guests and locals seeking breakfast, lunch or dinner. As the name suggests, everything in the kitchen is prepared from scratch.

The Lees are hoping to open the new restaurant in the summer of 2017.

scratch - CopyChef Phillip Frankland Lee and his wife, pastry chef Margarita Kallas-Lee (both front center) at Scratch Bar & Kitchen in Los Angeles.

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  1. Cyndie says:

    Check out their website. They have a set price of $95 per person!!

  2. Gerald Bostock says:

    It’s a hobby, an induldgence. I’d pay it, there or elsewhere, once or twice a year. It costs a lot to pursue hobbies, such as horseback riding, dog showing, scuba diving, sailing, skiing, etc.
    I know it’s different, as food is a necessity and thus more political.
    But look at the billions spent on domestic pet toys and costumes! “Americans spent an all-time high of $55.7 billion on their pets in last year and spending will creep close to $60 billion this year, an industry spokesman said Thursday.” CBS March 2014. Each to their own, de gustibus non est disputandum

  3. Tim says:

    Is this the same Scratch from Ventura opening??
    If so, Montecito is in for a treat!!!

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