This Saturday October 22, Kanaloa Seafood Market & Kitchen at 715 Chapala Street (and opening soon in Oxnard at 251 Lombard Street) will celebrate its one-year anniversary in downtown Santa Barbara. The community is invited to join for food, drinks, live music and more. In addition, they will host their 1st Annual Peel & Eat Sustainable Shrimp Contest.  Kanaloa recently started a Happy Hour from 3 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., every Monday through Thursday

For over 30 years, Kanaloa Seafood has partnered with restaurants, hospitality groups, retailers, and home cooks — delivering seafood directly to their doorstep. The most recent addition to the Kanaloa family is their downtown restaurant.

Don and Randee Disraeli have been sourcing fresh seafood for Kanaloa since 1983.  From the beginning, they have taken an approach with includes full eco-system evaluation and audits.  By assessing entire regions, including the people living around and fishing the waters, their practices along with the balance of the surrounding ecosystem, Kanaloa is able to dynamically source a complete seafood portfolio and create lasting relationships with fishing communities who are actively engaged in protecting their waters and livelihood. I am told that Kanaloa is the only International Organization of Standardization-certified (ISO) seafood company in North America, earning their ISO 14001 certification through regular third party audits of their environmental management practices, and continuous efforts to reduce the size of the environmental footprint of their entire business, including their eco-packaging and shipping methods. Visit kanaloaseafood.com.

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