This just in from reader Sara Jean:

Hi John!
There’s a new production brewery and taproom called Draughtsmen Aleworks that is currently being built out on 53 Santa Felicia Drive in north Goleta. I hear they are a month or two away from opening to the public!

Santa Felicia Drive runs behind Best Buy and #53 is at the north end, across Hollister.

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  1. Lily says:

    That’s going to give Mspecial and Hollister Brewing some competition.

    • William Munny says:

      Won’t take much to be better than M Special. Have yet to meet anyone who thinks there beer is any good. Best thing there is that you can get Woodstock’s pizza delivered…but I’d rather just go into IV and get is straight from the source as Woodstock’s has a better beer selection than M Special.

      Hollister Brewing has some good beers and good food. I don’t think Draughtsmen will really take away from their business unless they are going to have a full kitchen.

      Let’s hope Draughtsmen puts out a good product. You can never have too many good breweries!!

      • lily says:

        I like the space at mspecial, but their beer choice is limited. They don’t have stouts, lambic, or Belgium style ale. There is also captain fatty. I hope they get a good share of business too.

      • Roberto says:

        Agree. mspecial ain’t so special. Many home brewers put them to shame. I do, however, like the space. As opposed to Fig (in the hipster millennial douchebag zone) which has incredible beer, but a horrible venue. Too bad Buellton is so far to drive after a few pints. By default, Hollister is the place. Maybe this new place can combine the best.

  2. Paul says:

    Love it, Goodland went from 1 to 4 breweries in a year.

  3. Matt93111 says:

    Captain Fatty’s is putting in a new brewing system and fermenters, vastly increasing their capacity. They have an imaginative brewer, much more so than M.-Not-So-Special. Hollister is good, but the brewery seems to be a a marketing tool more than a focal point. Looking forward to seeing what the Draughtsmen is all about.
    All hail the Homebrewers!

  4. J Joey says:

    I’m really excited about this new brewery! Hopefully, since they don’t have a kitchen, they’ll have some good dipping pretzels.