Edhat reports that Isla Vista Giovanni’s, which is a franchised location, will be reopening Monday. Edhat adds that after closing last week, the Isla Vista location was acquired by Danny Babai, who opened the original Giovanni’s Pizza on State Street.

Update: The Babai family contacted me and asked me to pass this message to you:

Danny and Debbie Babai would like to confirm that we will be reopening our “Founders Family” Giovanni’s Pizza Isla Vista location on Monday January 25, 2016. We have been busy doing some restoration work inside the restaurant and are so happy that everything went quickly transferring all the permits back to this location. The menu will be largely the same with a few updates and tweaks here and there. We are keeping our famous beer specials and happy hours and will have some GRAND OPENING specials on the weekend of January 29 – 31. We appreciate the return of many of the employees that worked under the previous owner and welcome them back to help us reopen on Monday. We have been in the community serving great food since 1979 and will continue to do so at all our locations. Please come join us to relaunch Giovanni’s Isla Vista this week.

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  1. Sbmizzou says:

    This is actually great news. It’s surprising how much the quality varies between locations. The State Street location always had the best pizza, especially compared to IV. Hopefully Mr. Babai realizes that things should be done differently as their is a difference.

  2. El Guapo says:

    The Mesa location is also very good, but that’s Mr. Babai’s family also. The Carp and Montecito locations have different operators.

  3. Pizza Lover says:

    We went there today and had a nice chat with the cashier. It looks like Mr. Babai contacted all the employees under the other owner’s management and offered their jobs back. Sounds like the previous owner (the one who started the rumor that the location would permanently close) was dealing in some shady stuff. Glad to see the place being pulled back together and under original ownership. The pizza was just the same and of course the ranch (my favorite ranch ever!) was as it tasted before.