150122-inn-crowdPopular local cooking show The Inn Crowd is now hosted by Chef Michael Hutchings. The Inn Crowd is aired Saturday nights on the ABC affiliate KEYT channel 3 and it can also be seen on the Santa Barbara News Press web site tv.newspress.com. The show will has notable guests from the area to assist and learn from Chef Michael. All the recipes will be posted on the blog.michaelscateringsb.com. In addition to learning new dishes, The Inn Crowd will be shown the relationship between food and wine and suggested wine parings to enhance the dining experience. Produced by Craig Case, the Foley Food and Wine Society continues to be a major sponsor for this well received show. The culinary action is filmed at Foley’s Crossroads Victorian estate in Santa Ynez Valley. The production team YTS is continuing with Season 5, including Will Conlin, Harlene Conlin, and Gary Conlin.

Photo: Guest Archie McLaren (left) and Chef Michael Hutchings on The Inn Crowd cooking show.

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  1. Laurie says:

    I miss Michael’s Waterside Inn! It was at the bird refuge, where Stella Mare’s is (and I do love them too). They had such a great brunch and the service was top notch.

  2. debbie symons says:

    He’s a great guy and excellent Chef!
    Can’t wait to see this show

  3. Janis Johnson says:

    I couldn’t find the recipe for the SHORTBREAD DOUGH on the Inn Crowd website. And, when I Google Sables Aux Fraises, the ingredients are all foreign! Would like to have that to make the dessert! I found the Braised Beef Short Ribs recipe that I want to make first.

    This is Janis and Duane – whom you met at Tracy Beard’s Birthday. We continue to enjoy your food!


  4. Andrew M. Gault says:

    I love Micheal Hutchings. A fabulous chef and all around nice guy. Have met him several times and I am always thrilled to talk food with him. An elegant classy guy. I too miss his Waterside Inn.

  5. Christine! says:

    What happened to dear Budi?

    With that question being asked- welcome Michael!

  6. I spoke with Budi about his transition. He cited the great deal of time it takes to produce the show, sometime involving travel. His first priority is his restaurant and the time demand was affecting cooking there. He also has a family to be part of. I find that the filming takes about 10 hours per episode and the blog and associated recipes take 2-3 hours to write. I completely appreciate his intergity in taking care of his restaurant. To often, restaurant celebrity chef’s are not at their namesake establishments.

  7. Nancy Hawks-Doissans says:

    Hi Michael, my husband is a chef at the Valley Club, Patrick the Frenchman. And your wife made our wedding cake in 2003 — yum. We are enjoying the Inn Crowd, and I was fascinated by your salad in the segment with Gerd Jordano. I tried to find a recipe for the avocado portion unsuccessfully. Can you get it to me, or help me find it myself? I thank you!

  8. Barrie Peters says:

    I love Michael on the Inn Crowd. I can’t wait to see each and every episode. I always learn something new about cooking. I also miss the restaurant at the Bird Refuge.

  9. Garry Polled says:

    I love the show and watch it every week. I have really improved my kitchen skills watching Michael. The latest offering on August 1st had too much menu and not enough time and Michael seemed under pressure.
    Please slow down a bit and enable us to enjoy the journey!

  10. Joe Asire says:

    I was watching Michael Hutchings Inn growd Show Saturday and he was preparing Potato pancakes and I was trying to get the recipe and being new to computers how do I get to the blog that was listed.

  11. Rudy Perez says:

    Looking for recipe that was given on 06/24/2017 for Ciopino on the In Crowd.

  12. MATTHEW A MCGHEE says:

    Dear chef
    Is there any way I could find the recipe for Lamb Capri which I just saw on TV tonight on 4/23.?


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