blindtigerA new entertainment venue named Blind Tiger Restaurant and Bar is having a pre-opening Fiesta celebration at 409 State Street, the long-time home of Savoy Theater, with a grand opening set for Labor Day weekend. The Fiesta schedule: Thursday: Moonshiner Collective 9 p.m., DJ Nagai 11 p.m.; Friday Rey Fresco 9 p.m., DJs Wizkid, Katashtrophy and Valid all evening; Saturday DJ ID3X 9 p.m., Well Groomed 11 p.m. A limited menu includes cheese and charcuterie plates, flatbreads, sliders, tacos and snacks.

Blind Tiger’s web site describes the venue:

“Whether you’re a Santa Barbara local or just passing through the area, we invite you in to enjoy everything Blind Tiger Restaurant & Bar has to offer. Enjoy an open and relaxed atmosphere with stylish décor, craft beers, delicious bites, signature cocktails and wine. Offering some of the best live performances, live music, guest DJ’s, themed parties and a high definition projection TV, Blind Tiger has it all.

“Blind Tiger Restaurant & Bar occupies one of Downtown Santa Barbara’s most historic buildings, dating back to 1889, exuding all the stimulation and excitement of a multi-level, vibrant venue. In exploring the three levels, the main bar, the mezzanine, and the balcony, you’ll find an array of entertainment − full bars, dance floors, spots to unwind, and seating throughout. There is something for everyone ~ perfect for corporate receptions, watching the game, happy hour and social celebrations.”

For more information call 957-4111 or visit Thanks to reader Gary for the tip.

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  1. Christine says:

    Does this mean The Savoy is no more?

  2. Scott says:

    Three huge floors on the 400 block of State….the rent has to be INSANE. Not surprised with the turnover.

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