After intense concentration and a wave of my hand over the all-knowing crystal ball, my eatery oracle has revealed a list of locations appearing in your future:

  • 7-Eleven, 1936 State St.
  • Barbareño, 205 W. Canon Perdido St. (formerly D’Vine Café)
  • Benchmark Eatery, 1201 State St. (formerly Maggie’s, opening July)
  • Boochies, 113 W. De la Guerra St. (formerly Bella Dolce Bakery)
  • Dunkin’ Donuts, Santa Barbara (2 locations)
  • Farmer Boy Restaurant, 3427 State St. (remodeling under new ownership)
  • Himalaya Kitchen, 431 State St. (currently All India Café)
  • Los Agaves, 7024 Marketplace Dr., Goleta (currently New Baja Grill)
  • Lure Fish House, Upper State St.
  • Mesa Verde (vegan), 1919 Cliff Dr. (formerly Cliff’s & Co., opening July)
  • Natural Café, 6990 Marketplace Dr., Goleta (formerly Hallmark)
  • Nona’s Italian Deli, 415 E. De la Guerra St. (formerly Italian Grocery)
  • Outpost at The Goodland, 5650 Calle Real, Goleta
  • Papa John’s Pizza, 5756 Calle Real, Goleta
  • Patxi’s Pizza, 515 State St. (formerly Territory Ahead)
  • Rincon Brewery, 5065 Carpinteria Ave., Carpinteria
  • Shave It, Isla Vista (near Firehouse Subs)
  • Silvergreens, Goleta
  • Smart & Final Extra, 7000 Hollister Ave., Goleta
  • Starbucks, 101 Milpas St.
  • Sublime, 901 N. Milpas St.
  • Subway, 1936 State St.
  • Taco Bell, Hollister Ave. at Pacific Oaks Rd., Goleta
  • Tino’s Italian Grocery, 210 W. Carrillo St. (formerly Carrow’s)
  • Tri Tip Company, 214 State St.
  • Yellow Belly, 2611 De la Vina St. (formerly TAP Thai Cuisine)
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24 Responses to THE CRYSTAL BALL

  1. Christine says:

    Lure is coming to La Cumbre Plaza? Do you know WHEN it will be opening? Their menus look great and their other locations get great reviews.

    Walking distance from my house. Get some exercise and enjoy great food. Fantastic. Looking forward to this one!

  2. Spank says:

    Lure is great news for SB, quality establishment.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Lure should open in the empty space in goleta that used to be holdrens…. The big patio would be great for happy hour 🙂

  4. L.M.Davis says:

    Thanks for the updates. Can you advise all of your readers/me where the new location for the “Italian Grocery” is going to be and a hint to when they’ll open?

    • LizW says:

      Edith is keeping the old deli location and will reopen as Nonna’s.

    • JJ says:

      Isn’t Tino’s next to Starbucks in the old Carrows space on Carillo (betw. Bath & DlaV) also affiliated with the family/son(s)?

    • Beth says:

      Tino’s will be opening in early October (they finally got the permits last month, this is the expected date).
      It’s located in the old Carrows on Carrillo, next to the Starbucks (by the Rusty’s and CVS there).

      That’s where you’ll find the subs, cold cuts, and other new import items

      It’s now owned/managed by his sister and niece and nephews.

  5. Charlotte says:

    So excited about Lure opening here. Just went last week in Ventura (beautiful restaurant). Food and service is always fantastic. Can’t beat the prices either.

  6. home cook says:

    A third Taco Bell in the city of Goleta is being built, and from the ground up rather than in existing structure. Sad that we have developed an insatiable appetite for processed quasi-food. It’s such a shame to see this level of commercial development for this lifelong Goleta native.

    • Glenn says:

      I think its something they put in the food that makes them keep coming back… I think its also a bit of you know what you expect when you go there as opposed to going to a better mexican place in town people are more wary of? My theory anyway, I have mostly weaned myself off of taco bell but the urge is there still.

  7. Bill Yulw says:

    What about the old “State and A”/”Maggies” ?

  8. Jennifer Noelle says:

    Yippee, an Eastside Starbucks!

  9. Tama says:

    Read up on Lure. Yep, I’m on board with that idea….and if la cumbre is the spot, even better. Maybe it would help kickstart the mall. Most days, you could drive golf balls down the mall center and not bother anyone.

  10. Dawn OBrien says:

    Seriously – the fact that Goleta still allows new building is baffling… the open space is it’s strongest asset…wonder when the new City will wake up to it’s true treasures. You cant buy it back!
    And a Taco Bell….with so many great little local Mexican eateries… I don’t get it.

    • home cook says:

      There is probably big money changing hands for the once bucolic city of Goleta in letting in a deep pocketed company like Taco Bell. City leaders are selling this city to the highest bidders. Local businesses don’t have that kind of pull. And we, the residents, seem to have no say. Sure, well in theory, I guess we do, at election time, but these are back door deals, so how do you “throw the bums out” when it all is so well-concealed? We are not an “informed citizenry,” myself included, and the system is designed for obfuscation.

      And are they going to put a drive-thru in the new building they throw up? If it’s not there from the start, they’ll do what the Mickey D’s down the road a bit did — put in a window for operation at a later date.

    • VSRPetey says:

      So true about the new building. There are so many possibilities to create a business out here but developers make their money in the percentage off the building process, tax credits etc that it makes no ‘cents’ to them to rehab an existing building…..its a shame.

  11. Joe says:

    Any idea what is going in where the Honey Baked store was on upper State?


  12. Pamela Post says:

    When is the Subway store at 1936 State Street going to open? It was supposed to open months ago.