Last October rumors hit my inbox claiming that Los Arroyos was going to replace New Baja Grill in Camino Real Marketplace. I spoke with owner Kelly Brown at the time, who also owns Kahuna Grill and Natural Cafe, and he said offers were made but the asking price had not been met. Now I am hearing that rival Los Agaves has swooped in and scooped up New Baja Grill and will replace it in a few months. Los Agaves has locations at 600 N. Milpas Street and 2911 De La Vina Street. Brown plans to open a Natural Cafe in Camino Real Marketplace in the fall.


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  1. Cris says:

    I will miss their California Burrito. 🙁

  2. Peter says:

    This is good news as the quality of the food is outstanding. Let’s hope that by expanding to additional locations, the quality will not suffer.

  3. SBG says:

    Natural Café & Los Agaves… If only they could pull French Press and an upgraded Sushi place. That new condo development much intend to draw in more beyond lunch

    • Glenn says:

      I’m still waiting for Zen Yai and Mac’s to break out too. I think some people’s business models don’t warrant it maybe but you basically do the same thing you did at the first place? Los Agaves De La Vina is a nice addition and same good food with better décor.

      • Ferret says:

        Mac’s is terrible. Guy Fieri is a no-talent hack.

        • Glenn says:

          In what way is it terrible? The best clam chowder and fish n chips in town in my opinion. Just because he was on DD&D’s does not matter either way.

          • Ferret says:

            Oh please. Just pick any restaurant. Brophy Bros. runs circles around mac’s. I’ve eaten at Mac’s several times and it’s always been an oily, unsatisfying mess. I’m surprised Mac’s has lasted this long. Haven’t been in like a year, maybe they changed some things around, but I doubt it. Cause everyone I talk to has said pretty much the same thing. Not that great. Yelp reviews are 50/50.

          • Scott says:

            Restaurant Secret #24: 99% of restaurants use Campbell’s clam chowder as a base because it’s very hard to make a base that doesn’t separate. The result is that there’s very little difference between chowders. When one chowder is better than another, it’s because the restaurant chose to throw a different set of ingredients on top of the Campbell’s.

        • NC says:

          Mac’s serves authentically British fish & chips–might not be what you’re used to, but that doesn’t make it terrible!

        • David says:

          Completely agree with Ferret here. I am a huge fish and chips fan and love clam chowder as well. Mac’s is truly terrible food and overpriced. It’s super greasy … I mean you can taste the grease on it. Contrary to popular belief, fried food does not have to be greasy.

          • Glenn says:

            Well I beg to differ, best clam chowder I have had in town and Brophy’s is the only one that is close. Its been awhile, I’ll have to retry it but great when I went! Try the mushy peas or pot pies too!

  4. Glenn says:

    Sounds good, New Baja was one of my faves and then the quality or something just was not there anymore and I stopped going. Los Agaves is arguably the best Mexican in town, nice swap for that location and I’ll definitely frequent the new place. I think Lily’s is taking a lot of business from the area but not as high end as Los Agaves.

  5. Sally Young says:

    Great news to have this excellent restaurant closer to us. we’ll be stopping by for sure.

  6. egor says:

    I am grateful that we are getting Los Agaves! I wonder if the venue will be too small. They seem fairly busy at their location on Milpas.
    On another note, Goleta now has has several vacant restaurant locations. The old Sizzler, Elephant Bar, Good Earth (which was a Motorcycle shop which moved about a year ago), Holdren’s and the Smokehouse, and now the Natural Café location in downtown Goleta. Is anything being done to draw businesses that want to open here? Goleta is a growing community. We have large scale residential projects moving in, and most importantly, employers/jobs that pay good salaries growing at a good clip. We need a vibrant restaurant culture. We have some great eateries and have room for more, literally!

  7. Glenn says:

    Brophy chowder is decent as is the view(I think a good bar option also) but yes same experience with the entrees for me too, just not there fish entrees.

  8. Amanda says:

    FYI, I spoke to the manager (or owner? It’s that one handsome guy who works at both locations), and he said that the new Goleta location should open in 2 months! Woohoo.

    I am excited but am worried about the small space. They will get jam-packed in there, and the line will go out the door I bet. If only they had a separate line/register for ‘to-go’ orders!

  9. Flor says:

    Los agaves is such a fantastic restaurant we love it and we just went this past Friday to eat at the new location in gobleta but we were very disappointed by tier service it’s HORRIBLE THE FOOD IS FANTASTIC AND COOKS ARE WELL TRAINED BUT NOT THE FRONT PEOPLE THEYRE RUDE AND don’t even pay attention to the customers

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