Matthew Jameson-Chrestenson, owner of Union Ale Brewing Co., 214 State Street and American Ale, 14 East Cota Street, contacted me on Facebook recently to send me a tip, or should I say “tri tip.”  This summer he will be opening Tri Tip Company BBQ and Bar in the Funk Zone. It’s not clear what the exact address will be but a page posted on Facebook suggests that the new home might be next to his popular Union Ale business.

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  1. Christine says:

    Is Union Ale still popular? The one time we went for a Sunday lunch recently there were two other tables filled. The ladies room was non functioning and disgusting, should have had a sign on the door. Hopefully the plumbing is better at the new spot. Haven’t tried American Ale based on the lackluster food and service at Union, not to mention the lack of ladies’ facilities.

    • Lolita VanBeuren says:

      I don’t know…I’m a Santa Barbara local and visit a lot of restaurants around town including all the new funk zone establishments.
      American Ale and Union Ale are two of my favorite places in town. The staff are great and the beer selection is literally the best in Santa Barbara. Food can be a little pricy but the portions make up for it. Definitely always good for sharing!
      Not sure if you have been to Union Ale lately but they have re-done tthe bathrooms, created more space and are overall working towards nothing other than improvements.
      I would normally not post a comment but to see someone write something so inaccurate made me feel compelled to let people know.

  2. Natale says:

    Maybe the Funk Zone should be renamed the Drunk Zone?

  3. steve engles says:

    Maybe the Roadhouse (next to Union Ale) is the new BBQ joint?

  4. Sam T says:

    American Ale has some of the best burgers in town.

  5. LoFi Girl says:

    I agree, Sam T. American Ale’s burgers are the BEST, better than Eureka!

  6. Christine! says:

    If they can make a sandwich as good as the Tuesday & Friday ONLY Tri-tip sandwich served in Buellton- at of all places, the 76 Gas Station on Avenue of Flags- I will gladly drive over the hill to support them.

  7. William says:

    American Ale has the best beer selections of any place in town….hands down……and definitely one of the best burgers. Union Ale doesn’t have the same selections. Getting the same beer menu in place would be a huge improvement. I’m guessing the tri-tip concept is going to replace Union Ale. Roadhouse is going to be changed to a different concept but not by these guys.

  8. cheryl says:

    Keep SB peace and quiet without all this tourist loud drunk nonsense. Let them go back to Los Angeles. No more development.

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