Reader Carla let me know that the folks at Edhat are discussing the recent sighting of cleanup crews at the former home of Elephant Bar. One commenter says “I heard from some of the folks working on the site that Red Lobster plans to take over that location as they are somehow connected to the former Elephant Bar franchise.” There is no official word about what business will take over the spot.

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  1. CS says:

    I don’t buy the Red Lobster rumor at all. Red Lobsters are almost always opened next to Olive Gardens on purpose (same company) and the more important factor is Red Lobster sales fell 8.8 percent from a year ago in its latest quarter.

  2. Glenn says:

    Might be a good fit…

  3. Rob says:

    The EdHat comments section are where brain cells go to die.

  4. Paul says:

    A Red Lobster would be simply embarrassing for this town. The E-Bar had a great outdoor area in a good location near thousands of office workers, but they had just OK food. If something good goes in there it has thousands of hungry and thirsty office workers at the ready.

  5. Ed says:

    Darden owns both Red Lobster and Olive Garden. Both are in financial straits due to rapidly falling sales quarter on quarter. Since the board is talking about both closing a number of RLs and spinning them off it is really unlikely the eBar space will become a RL. And the edHat comments are funny.

    Its not a a good location for a restaurant. Having a Target out by it might change that but right now you would need a restaurant that would draw people to a one stop destination from both Goleta (food)and UCSB (bar). But we had one of those eBar. The city made a terrible decision not to negotiate with eBar. But not surprising since no one in government actually ran a business.
    The next tenant (sucker) will have to deal with the inflated ideas Santa Barbara city has for that property.

  6. JTT says:

    Rumor has it from a local vendor that Buffalo Wild Wings is going in there!

  7. Blueboy says:

    Another rumor has it the facility will be turned into a hall rental.

  8. Glenn says:

    I went there when it was e-bar and the family misses it, I would go if it was red lobster as the family likes that place too. Wow I never made the olive garden/red lobster connection but now its all clear to me. Went to the Joe’s Crab Shack in Anaheim and was kind of fun, I didn’t even know about the one in Ventura I’ll have to check out. Went to the Red Lobster in Thousand Oaks and liked it, when you’ve got kids you are not exactly after the ultra quality food with them just decent food with an experience which is what the e-bar was, they loved the African motif and the food was decent, sorry to see it go. Possibly an aviation themed restaurant someone mentioned might work there also.

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