Before you had a chance to Snap Chat with your friends about Betos Subs, which had a grand opening on March 6th at 731 De la Guerra Plaza, the restaurant went out of business 9 days later, setting a new local record. Previous winners of our “Flash in the Pan” award for shortest longevity include Little Cantina (1 month at 14 E. Cota Street) and Snack Shack (2 months at 801 State Street).

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  1. RexOfSB says:

    What about that walk-up place that sold only taquitos at the site of the old Aloha hamburger place at W. Carrillo and De la Vina? It was there for something like a month and then one day the owners fled, allegedly leaving behind thousands of dollars in unpaid debt and bills. I wondered at the time how a restaurant could stay in business just selling taquitos. I guess it can’t.

  2. mike says:

    Below is from their Facebook page

    “Hello everyone! I’m not sure how this may come across to anyone but after careful consideration it appears that I was a bit over zealous and mostly over eager to re-open the deli. There was much to take into account before taking on such a task that I had severely underestimated what it would entail. For that, I hope that you’ll accept my deepest apologies but my goal is to remedy the hindrances asap and then consider the plan of attack from there.
    I do hope you all appreciate the effort one must go through in order to ensure the public’s safety when serving good food and also take into account the tremendous investment that must exist to safely store the food as well. Until those two essential obstacles are traversed, the deli will have to be put on hold.”

  3. Amanda says:

    Whoa- based on the above comment from FB, it sounds like the food wasn’t being safely stored. I would NOT want to eat there, ick!

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