Olio Crudo Bar has opened at 11 W. Victoria St., Ste. 18. The eatery is brought to you by Olio e Limone Ristorante, located next door. It is the latest addition to the Olio group (which also includes Olio Pizzeria, and locations opening in Westlake Village Summer 2014), offering crudo (raw) Italian seafood and meats, as well as cotto (cooked) bar menu items. The eatery is open daily starting at 5 p.m.

“The menu is highly ingredient-driven, showcasing the freshest seasonal products,” says owner Elaine Morello. “Olio Crudo Bar is inspired by the crudo you’ll find in all towns – both large and small – along the coast of Italy. Sicily and Sardegna are particularly known for their style of crudo, which relies on the traditional Italian method of preparing crudo: dressing the thinly-sliced fish with a little sea salt, and often Olio e Limone.”

Morello tells me that that the most popular dishes so far are: Tonno Rosso (Atlantic Bluefin tuna belly /  ginger vinaigrette / wasabi shoots); Ala Lunga (sliced Atlantic Bluefin tuna / sous-vide baby artichoke / crispy pearl onion rings / jalapeno-scented vinaigrette; Polipo (Mediterranean octopus / sliced new potatoes / frisée lettuce / spicy Controne pepper); and Maiale (pressed Kurobuta pork belly / shaved Brussels sprouts / Fuji apple chutney).

For more information call 899-2699 or visit olioelimone.com/olio-crudo-bar.

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