The Web turns 25 today, being born on March 12, 1989. Thank you Tim Berners-Lee for your great idea. I remember first using the web in 1993, which was about 5 years before Google was born.  In 1994 I had lunch with Marc Andreessen during the (now long gone) Comdex convention in Las Vegas and he showed me his new browser, yet to be released, called “Netscape,” which was to be the next generation of his hugely popular “Mosaic” browser. (Mosaic/Netscape eventually became Firefox). I told him about an Environment Directory that I was creating and he decided to build a link to it right inside Netscape, and kept it there for several years. I was able to leverage the immense amount of traffic from Netscape to help fund and launch all the online businesses I run today, including this web site.

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  1. B C. says:

    Thanks for the memories. I think I still remember my Compuserve ID and running a BBS with three 2400 baud modems in college.

    I also remember working with you at a now-defunction manufacturing software startup – I think you did our web site. It was circa 1996 or so, IIRC…

  2. Gerald Bostock says:

    wow, great story, John!

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